Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Belated Dong Zhi!

(!@#$%^& I Missed blogging and online for a sad...!@#$%ASK SEScO WHY!? They made the whole city blackout for hours. Stupid....dont give me any stupid reasons anymore, i dont care. Just dont repeat the darn stupid mistake again. STUPID! argh....)
It was dong zhi yesterday. As a crazy tang yuan fan myself, of course i did make some tang yuan. Where ded we celebrate le??Will talk about that later.
Here, let's see the crazy me do what during this "Cold freezy" season again. Remember this?
My Peachy Tang Yuan
Since today is the real dong zhi, i am not fooling around with the flours again. HAHA!I've watch Ahxian Ren Qin Wei (Food show) on AEC couple of times already and i saw him doing something like this. Instead of dipping the tang yuan into peanuts, he wrap it in it. HAHA, i am doing it too. It wasnt that easy though. The whole thing kept bursting!


cooking the pandan leaves to give the soup a special aroma smellcooking now. If the tang yuan floats, it means it is cooked already. TADA! Here, peanut tang yuan plus pandan hmmmm..yummy
cute cute tang yuan
still, you can also choose to enjoy it in our tradisional way - dipping in peanuts.


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LingDi said...

I watched that episode too! Wanted to ask my mum to try but.. she had already made it. Haha..