Monday, December 10, 2007

Hilarious Pulau Ubin Experience...

I am back home..back to Miri. As i have promised, i am going to talk about the trip to Pulau Ubin yesterday.

We woke up at 6.30am in the morning. I never woke up this early in singapore before, but i realised that the sky is as bright as noon already. though, the clouds are gathering around the island....

We have reach Pasir Ris and meet up with the rest of the team and that makes the 7 of us: Me, shar, lesley, ping wen, sonny, liu ying and her friend, guo xiang. We go to the jetty..haha..
12 passengers one boat, but we only have 7 persons. So we have to wait for another 5 persons who is willing to share the boat with us to get to PULAU UBIN!!!

Ping wen: "let's pose. cheeseeee..."

Plus, it was raining quite heavily. I was doubting if we could really make it there...even worst, liu ying suggested us to go to some pet farm. NOOOO...i dont want, i came all the way here, and i was soo excited about this trip and here it is, the weather isnt cooperating!


Uncle:"Whatca looking at?"

Sonny(Blue shirt):"Faster, continue the game!!!"

We were playing tennis game via hand phone blue tooth. I lost la..haha..and i think that is the only shot where Lesley actually has his eyes wide opened...haha...

Nice view on the boat..

risking my life to take this photo on the edge of the boat, la... In the boat..

After about 15 to 20 minutes of ride on the bum boat, we REACHED PULAU UBIN!!!

I remember sunny say,"Now that we reach here, we have to cycle even though it is raining..." That was erm.....

Bicycle rental!! $6 for whole day!!!

We rent 7 bicycles. I got basket on mine..hahah!! I wanted to put my bag in it..

Plan view of Pulau Ubin..terrific isnt it?

Doggie..shooo..move ur butt of the road

I realised that the dogs there like to sleep in the middle of the road. They wont move no matter what..argh...but only at Pulau Ubin, i see stray dogs that are campur campur (mixed) breeds. All dogs in city are like pedigree.... Me on my bike!!!

We reached a some sort of stop after a while..


An abused quarry

Liu Ying: Look, some thing's there!"

What izit?

A toilet..Lesley had a try on it...

his feedback: There is only a hole there...

So that means all your..ehem..droppings will go directly into the river???OMg...those kind of toilets actually exist in singapore..haha...the metropolis Singapore?? In the boat!! I am driving it!! ON LAND!! MIRACLE LE!!!
We continued our way...

Reached our 2nd stop. It's a river. Many people camping and fishing there.Yeah!

Ping wen(mo mo king) and sonny(cola king)..

Sonny likes to drink cola and gets totally addicted to it. I thought i was addicted to soft drink but i have met a competitor. The first moment i saw him, that is before we reach here, He is already holding a bottle of Vanilla coke =.= Lunch time, he drank more. he has to drink cola everyday, but i am more anxious about his health...

The rain stops and continue, stops and continues. I had mud all over my clothes!! AND I AM TOTALE WET!..argh..the road arent any better after a while. We have to cross a few puddles. BIG PUDDLES..with mud...luckily i wear slippers or else i cant imagine how my shoes will be like.
Liu ying was singing some part of this journey: I AM SINGING IN THE RAIN, I AM SINGING IN THE the tip of her voice...we saw wild boars too..LOL!
Nice view!

We reached another stop before we some how got lost...This is the greatest spot of all.

Ketam Quarry

Nice....really wonderful!

Yeah! OUR GROUP! I'll miss you guys, heaps..!!!

I like this sign a seems like a guy partying more than a warning sign for droping down the cliff...LOL! Oh yeah!
Our bikes!
Help! I am in jail! (so lame...)
See..the sky...and we still continued to cycle..

Finally, we got out after a few stops...time to have lunch. Now, the sky become as bright as..!@#$%^&!!! WHAT WRONG WITH YOU, WEATHER!? everytime we started to cycle, it rains. When we stop, the rain stops too..!@#$%^&*(!!!!!! Then i realised, something's wrong with my camera. I think got water get into it. It is blurred. Is my camera dying? NOOO!!!

Luckily, it didnt. Haha..just let it dry and it is ok already. I kissed my camera, relieved that it is still safe.

We went onto the discovery trail after lunch. We found a secret garden.

They labelled some plant laksa...i never saw one before, imagine what kinda of thing will it fruit one day..


Ubin's scarecrows..not scaring us at all..haha!


Mangroove trees
And finally, we are back to the starting point. We went to have a walk on the beach to snap some pictures...

On the rock!

Bumboat leaving the jetty

Behind the bumboat


( i feel tougher after all these cycling..)

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