Saturday, December 08, 2007

IceKimo!!! OMG!!!

Going up the air, dive under the sea, walk pass thousands of miles throught the desert....No la, so dramatic. Haha. But i did went through the rain, and take mrt and walk and take bus and walk somemore in the rain to get to
8 Sin Ming Centre, Jalan Todak. IceKimo!!!
Their cute cute shop. PINKISH!!!
The main part: ICE CREAMS!!!
We are still doubting on the way to the shop. We run so far up to Bishan Station here, it better be good!! or else...YOU TWO ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT! YOU TOLD ME TO COME ALL THE WAY FROM MIRI TO SINGAPORE, TO BISHAN! SO IT BETTER BE PERFECT!

Brownie with Belgium Chocolate Ice Cream $4++
Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream.
These are sooo yummy le!!!!

Now, *drums rool* Let me welcome our legendary!!!

Spaghetti Ice Cream!

(What i have been excited about a few weeks ago)

What's so nice about it?! Haha, it is made of vanilla with strawberry syrup. Mix together, and it taste SO GOOD! Not actually perfect, but near to it. And with fererror roche chocolate. Hehe..cost about $6.50 Worth it le, in such a big portion.

And next, the lame lame Meme, playing lame lame photo taking session in the shop..

I have tasted it! A must-go place in Singapore!

ICEKIMO ROCKS! I love icekimo!!!


thung said...

arggh, hate u! always get to see and eat nice and yummy things..

~界豪^^ said...

ya la.. too bahagia liao

Christine said...