Saturday, December 01, 2007

In Singapore Day 2!!!

Today's trip started really really late. I slept till 11am, haha!! and then help my sis to clean up the house, so...3pm then we go out. So late la. Ok, it may started late, but it is still very very exhausting!!!
First stop -Vivo City. We meet up with our cousins who just came back from their trip to China.
Jasper. Aww...he is sooo sweeeett! cute la..
Then, haha, bye bye meet you guys tomorrow..we go first.

Lots of people

Me inside MRT!!


We went skating at East Coast there...

You can rent any bicycle or skates here..

Renting the equipments and skates cost me $7 but for 2 hours. Plus, free a pair of socks. I think worth it la. Other shops over there are much more expensive ( the skates are wet of sweat too..yuck!).

I didnt took any photo when we are skating because my camera is in the locker. Haha..

Then, we went to the nearest Burger King!! I wanted to order a Whopper but instead..I ordered Single Turkey Bacon.

My Turkey Bacon. Something which you will never find in any Malaysia fastfood outlets..non-halal...but very very tasty o!!! I like the bacon a lot.. eat eat eat...
Walk around after eating. Still at East Coast
Car Racing..Remote-controlled car la. But very fast. Those people are experts la..
No, that is not land at all. That is on the sea. All ships..imagine that, all giant ships out there...


Lighting on road..
This is so special i just have to take it down.
Some band performing there...
Lights hanging down the tree.. This is sooo nice...
Decors at the ceiling...

This pole thingy is situated at last year's 4 christmas tree junction. It is soo pretty...
The fairy..
Some statue performer by the roadside. Sorry la, i cannot give you $$, i also not enough money liao lo...
OMG, i love these bears so much!!! At Takashimaya..
Pretty le. I mean me, not the tree...LOL!!

Some guy singing there again..
There are soooo many people in Orchard Road!!!!

This year's theme for Orchard Road is Nutcracker..
The Nutcracker and Ballerina...
Fairy Tale Christmas. (Dongeng Natal..haha)
I dontknow the story la...lazy to read plus there are so many people running around there..
The Handsome Nut Cracker
That's all. Day 2 end.
Christmas hunt i will put it with tomorrow's. now nearly 1am liao...

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