Monday, December 24, 2007

It's the most wonderful time...of the year!!

Today is Christmas Eve! I am so happy...approximately 19 more hours and i'll be 15 years old..By the way, i ate the butter cookie my sis bought that day. haha!

Cute Santa Claus...
Let's give it a shave!!!
Take of his hat too!!
Cute present..too bad cant unwrap it
cute reindeer

frosty the snowman
christmas tree!!!
christmas tree...

It is meant to be display until next year but since i cannot tahan anymore, i just ate it. it is very tasty o!!!Yum yum..

By the way, this is what i ate yesterday when the kanasai sesco cut the electricity off half of miri city.
romantic 5-star fried mee

And we bought a Christmas tree last night from boulevard. FINALLY! Our last Christmas tree has lasted for a decade(I knew because there is a picture of it with me when i was 2 years old) and the whole thing just looks like a rubbish...time for a new one!
The christmas tree is sooo cheap! only RM44! Normal price is RM150++ yesterday day night was special for all boulevard family members and we have RM30 coupon, very very worth it!

Nice tree! Even with optic wire that lights up!
Presents below the tree....

We dont have much ornaments so this is what we have on our tree

Even x-mas monkey was happy!!! She is 1 years old today.

Smiling x-mas monkey

Eh, i mean for real. It even a birth certificate from Bear Workshop (SG)!!!


haan said...

i've a 30-year-old colleague, who puts exactly the same statement (your title) as the tag line in MSN messenger :)

Christine said...