Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jacqueline Wilson's #1 Fan!!!

Ok, fine. I cant just simply call myself a "#1" fan whatsoever. But i sure like her book a lot, no, I LOVE her book. yes, maybe i am getting a bit too old for her books (HECK!) cause most of them is for kids aged between 5 to 12 to read so, for a going-to-be-fifteen years old kid like me (I am still 14..), it is kinda no-no.
Quit laughing at me, i know many of you myfriends out there are already reading what science fiction la, lord of rings la blah blah serious books out there. So what...urgh...
Who is Jacqueline Wilson?
Incased you are still wondering, who the heck is this Jacqueline Wilson?
She was disguised in one of her book, Clean Break as Jenna Willian which she described herself:
"Some middle-aged woman with weird hair cut and wear lots of weird rings"
SHE NOT THAT BORING AT ALL!!! omg.... She is a best-selling book author for ages! And her story rocks! I am not talking about what kiddo funny story or what fiction thingy, but her story is based on real life things that happened to lots of kids out there, so it is like a better version of Chicken Soup. Once again, i love Jacqueline Wilson's book.
When you start reading her book?
I wasnt IN to books at all before i enter secondary school, especially not english books. but i was flipping through the books at school's library one day, hoping to find something back (I WAS FORCED TO WRITE FOR NILAM!). And i found her book..hmm..this sounds interesting. This was the FIRST Jacqueline Wilson book i read.
I was deeply in love with her books since then(OMG, i am reading books...). The story was touching and somehow have something in common with our daily life. I am not going to tell you the story about it. You'll have to find it yourself.
Then i continued reading her books at school like Vicky Angel, The Illustrated Mum, Tracy Beaker, Love Lessons, Girls Out Late and blah blah blah lots more...
It was very hard to borrow her book from the library because some !@#$%^ people always snatch it from me. But still, i managed to read it all..every single one.
What you do after that?
I can't stand anymore! I started to have some new books outside school.
First i got these 2 for my birthday present from my sister:
Then, i finished it. I need more! (i am totally addicted to it, like drugs..) I went on a trip to Australia last time and i bought more!!!

( this one is sooo nice, it was about Australia too. CandyFloss..haha Bondi Beach)

I read all of them again and again..dont know how many times i repeated it. Then, last week, i went to singapore. I BOUGHT 2 again!!!

I FINISHED Clean Break within 2 days. How to Survive Summer Camp..I reading for 2 hours now, and i read half of the book already....haha...i will never read any books this fast...
I love Jacqueline Wilson's books!!
p/s: Although it was really costy...about RM40++ per book..hehe, but worth it though!

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