Friday, December 07, 2007

The Most Peaceful Place in this Vibrant City

While everyone was busy with this and that and their own business, you may find it very very annoying. Where to escape to, especially in this hyperactive city??

Well, i went to one of the most peaceful place in singapore this afternoon. even though it is just a short 1 hour, it is still very nice(plus it is after raining, and still have breeze). Just take the East West MRT to Chinese Garden and you will reach there.
Just cross this river. And you will reach the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.
Birds Flyinging freely in the sky
walao..3 couples in one picture...i wonder if they ever consider this park as the lover's garden?
Oh, so they did have a bridge dedicated to those love birds who came...
Nice Pagoda view..
The Pagoda at Chinese Garden
In front of pagoda


Nice bridge le...
In Japanese Garden
Riverview in Japanese Garden
Cute little stones
Peaceful sight
Turtle. There are lots of turtle there
I like this one a lot..
Little bird was to take shot too....
In front of bo xin bridge
See the reflection of the bridge on surface of the nice...

Here's the bird again... nice aaa!!!!
Back to chinese garden
Even auntie got SLR camera..I think it's high time for me to plan for it liao....
These gardens are really wonderful places to take photo...
I dont have time to go there liao..
Way back to mrt station
Enough of that, let's go Clarke Quay!!!!

Just walking around la....

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