Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My 100th post!! Wonders and Bloppers...

This is my 100th post for this year!!

Hehe. Although it is not actually the 100th post for my active moments. Active moments means the time which i start to blog "vigorously" and become totally addicted to it. Haha, posts for active moments are 91

This may seem really like a really really small matter to you but hey, i can survive through this 100 posts! (it is not bad already!)

Maybe you are asking about my traffic since i posted for 100 posts already??
Haha. It is still a so-so result, compared to those CELEBRITY BLOGGERS (OMG) or even probloggers or maybe just some long-term ordinary bloggers. They are way tooooo good compared to me, a crazy little girl, running around with her half-dead-then-alived camera, snapping like crazy.

So, just to show you some of my wonders and bloppers of my shots...first

Sunrise above the cloud...sunset on the cloud...
peaceful unpolluted sight...

Harbour Bridge, Sydney
Sydney Opera House, LAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Meteor-liked Rainbow, shooting down the sky
Daisy..(haha! xiaodaisy, that fits you!)
Almost an impossible scene that can be found in miri. near Shell Club
(You cant find these in any of my posts. Special edition!)
the SCARY!!! but cute...hehe

the "no-idea"...

the too-dark! idea..
The "blur-blur", i need a stabilizer

The "dont-know-take-what"

I know I am taking what! I am taking the bushes la!


Danny Foo said...

Congratulations on making it this far.

Now only 900 posts more to go in 2008. :)

Anyway, you don't have to think too much about the celeb-bloggers. Just continue what you love about blogging and you'll be spotted later. ;)

...Janice... said...

woah...100th post...giv me 5 yrs..mayb i can do tat..haha
anyway, congratz!! waiting for ur next 100

Christine said...

Haha! Hope i can survive through that too, janice!! I AM WAITING FOR YOUR POST LA!! lol...
Thanks danny!