Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Tang Yuan Recipe for this coming Tong Zhi

Do you know Dong Zhi(Winter Solstice Festival) is coming? It falls on the 22 December this year(Check on your calendar if you dont know. it's a shame a chinese doesnt know it is coming).

Instead of family gathering, i am more interested in the tang yuan more.Haha!!
Yummy tang yuan.
Many of us might eat it in peanut dip or cook with ginger, but i kinda get fed up of that. I found a new recipe yesterday(I invented myself!!)
Peachy Tang Yuan!!!

I think this is kinda meaningful cause chinese always think peach is a good thing (symbolizes life). ok, i know this is from the canned peach but THIS IS JUST A SYMBOL, ok?....
Ok, so, wanna know how to do it?


  • 1 can of peach
  • Some pulut flour/glutinous flour (Varies to amount)
  • 1 cup of syrup juice
  • 1 cup of boiled water
  • Nata de coco (Optional)

Steps to make it:

1. Pour some pulut flour into a big bowl. (Careful, dont spill it!) Make a volcano shape first. Then slowly, SLOWLY! pour water slowly into it while mixing it. Pour until you think it has become dough form.

2. Now, this is the fun part. Make it into balls. The size is not specified, anyhow you like.

3. Boil some water in the pot. When it boils, put the tang yuan you make just now into it. When you see the tang yuan floats up on the water surface, then it is cooked already.

4. Put the tang yuan into a bowl. Put some peach into it. Then add the syrup. if it is too sweet, you may add some water.

5. You can add nata de coco too if you like and some ice too. I find it kinda weird eating the peach when it is warm.

6. Enjoy it!

Add some ice...


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wah, so early start eating thong yuin de