Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PMR Result coming out tomorrow...

Our dance group went to watch Enchanted today!! Haha, i still cant stop humming.."One true kisss....!!!!!!!" It was quite nice and funny too. And someone even go whistling when the guy.. i forgot his name kissed the princess..Giselle. I mean, how weird? It was like whistling or clapping hands when you saw something on the tV??? Like the person in it is going to listen to it?? HAHA! Funny!

We saw lots of couples we know loitering around after that, just like us. Me and shirley went lepak-ing around Parkson...met Kurt, Jia Yang and Benny too. Have a little chat at McDonalds. Then we talk talk talk..till PMR.

Me: "Tomorrow's the day!"
Shirley:" Quit reminding me about that."
Kurt:" Yeah, tomorrow's the day...I want to pass the last day HAPPILY!!"
Me and Shirley:" Last day??"
Kurt:" Yeah, what if the result is...."

Yeah, maybe he is right. I was soooo sooo extremly nervous before PMR last time, like that test is the whole world. Months and monthsof sleepness night staring at the book...argh...BUT WHO CARES. It has been 3 months after the exam and we cant change anything about it. Even though it isnt what we expected, life still goes on. We still goes up to Form 4.

My mom said when she was young, they must pass the public test in order to continue their studies..or else..they are stuck there forever..Luckily, we dont have that kind of rules nowadays.

So, i am kinda excited, worried, anxious, happy, weird weird, scared..whatever.

Attention to all Form 3:
The result is expected to be announced at 10 a.m. Please wear full uniform and bring enough money to pay your school fee for next year.


LingDi said...

Happy Belated Birthday and All the best to you for tomorrow!

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