Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Pokemon mascots..aduh...

I was walking around Singapore plaza then suddenly the load speaker :" COME DOWN TO THE GROUND FLOOR TO SEE THE POKEMON FRIENDS AT 4PM!!!!!!" what the...since i am so eng, i just walk there lo. Don't misunderstand, I am certainly not a fan of whatsoever Pokemon...

Before the cartoon characters come out, they have a stupid session to cheat the bunch of little kids sitting in front of the stage. They ask the kids to play "Simon says" and a pop quiz session. The quiz session is totally unbelievably stupid...but funny in some way..

MC: Ok, little boy. Answer me.
MC: Sorry, that's not the answer. Haha, i didnt even asked the question yet. (This is super lame...) I'll give you a multiple choices question. Name the pokemon that is orange in colour and have something to do with flame. A, Tochek, B, Mickey Mouse (What the...., what's mickey mouse doing in pokemon? What izit going to do?)
MC: I know it is a pokemon, but which one...
Boy: PIKACHU!! (Got that choice meh??)
MC: Fine, which one is your favourite character?
MC: YOU ARE RIGHT! (OOO, I AM SOOO SUPRISED! not..) Now go get your prize there..

This is sooo lame la.. Like this also can..
The lame lame people...
Finally, the pokemon characters are coming out..



All of them

Then the MC asked tochic, what you like to do on this Christmas? Then tochek started to sing...omg, this is sooo cute la...

Jingle bell, jingle bell...Tochic sooo cute!

Both sot sot thing dancing

Meowth like to shopping..(Like me!)

Actually i tried to go other malls to shop since i already been in Singapore Plaza for ages...AAAAAAA!! I CANT FIND THE EXIT! WHERE's THE !@#$%^ EXIT!?!!?!!! ok. this is akward. Whatever. I just walk back downstairs and to the mrt station and go home. that's it.

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