Saturday, December 08, 2007

Science Centre..muahahahahaha

I reach the science centre!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHA...Being a science geek, this is a not-to-be-miss place. HAHAHAHAHA, crazy...
Take MRT to Jurong East and take bus no.335
The Corridor..
I went to the first section. The Mind's Eye. This one is very very COOOOLL!! It is mostly about optical illusions and it is very special and fun. You can play lots of things here. Haha, i like this one most.
Then, let's go to Life Science. I saw the cutest little things there.

CHICKS!!! Little Chicky just coming out. Hehe, so cute. Happy Birthday!!!

And don't fight with your brothers and sisters.

My hand...!! I tried to show the PEACE sign but it is too painful. All those are needles le.

Next on...


The MUMMY!!!! (I kinda like it, so shinny...)

Mummified food...or..yummified??

The mummy coffin lo..
The cat. It is the daughter of some Egyptian God. This is her nice nice face, and her bad face is a lioness...hehe, watch out for this girl.
The Christine. She is 15 years old and her bad and good face is both this face. hehe, watch even more out for this girl!

The Old Egyptian Shoe. It looks kinda like the shoe that is in trend right now..haha...

Went back to Life Science

Compare yourself to animals..what...This machine is insulting la! Me? PERCENTAGE OF GENES IN COMMON WITH A CHIMP IS 95%?! Rubbish!
Venus Trap Real one o.
Flexibility Test:1. Lean forward and push the handling thing forward till you reach your limit.
2.Read your score.
And this is mine!!!

673mm!! Freakishly!!! Am i abnormal?

Next, Colour Blind test:

Answer: 12

Answer: 5

What number is this? Guess Guess...

Hargh? Dont know a? Better go see doctor liao got something wrong with your eyes. Colour Blind....

Answer: No number.

The real brain

My blood pressure test. I am dangerously low blood pressure, dangerously underweight and what else? ...everything dangerously...

DAT( Digital Art and Technology Exhibition) ROCKS! THIS TOO COOL!!! Image formed by sand....
Picture form by sound. This is my sound when i say hello...
Many kids screaming at the mic. See the picture, imagine how much they are producing...
An album. See, can you find me??!!
I am here!! On the left side...

This one is so nice! See, when you touch the things, moving shadow is moving. I touch the fork, then a shadow of a plant growing from it. Touch a pepper container, someone waving at you. This one so nice la!
This is a screen. When you touch it, it got really cool effect of water..
This is a table. You put things on it and it will interact with your things. Like if you put a fork or spoon on it, cars will appear and drive around your things.
When you put string into circular shape, it will turn into a pond and duck will come to bath. When you pull away the string, the ducks will fly away and the pond will disappear..haha
the iSPACE exhibition

A teddy as a waiter..very nice. It can move around and interact with you.
Nice tunnel
Alien Warrior from AVP
iROBOT. I remember this movie..haha
A pond of fish. You can touch the screen to interact with them too..
Automatic kitchen
This is me..haha...
The Water Works
Then, the Science Centre closed at 4.30pm due to some weirdo having some function at the science centre. I mean, seriously, why would someone held some function for all adults at such childish place?! Weird, totally..
I went to the Omni Theater. THIS IS THE COOLEST THEATER EVER! Our normal screen is just flat ones on the wall. But this one is in spherical shape. So cool! You can look alllll around. 1/4 of a sphere like when you are sitting inside it. So this means you can have a wider view. Cant take photo inside. I watch Hurrican on the Bayeu. It was so touching and i nearly cried....
After the movie:
Roman Army

Back to Kinetic Garden
This seems like nothing right? Try viewing it throught the peep hole:

It's a triangle!
Done, i am tried already. Back home.

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