Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Siam Reap II - I am the only Chinese!!!

I was at the Museum at lunch time. !@#$%^&*() THERE ARE NO PLACE TO EAT! The nearest mall is Funan, which dont know how many kilometers away..
Fine, i'll just eat at museum's restaurant..(Which i gurantee is expensive enough)

Siem Reap (IndoChine) !!!!
Siem Reap II- Cafe.Bar+Water
(Erm, i'll just have the water la, haha)
The eating environment there is very nice if you dont mind looking everywhere with ang mo. I realised that i am the only chinese customer in the shop, the rest are all ang mo!!! -.-

Nice place to eat

I ordered Steak Sandwich which cost me BLODDY $16!!! That's RM32. Argh....luckily it looks nice and taste not bad too.. My steak sandwich

To save money, i didnt ordered any drinks..haha..just drink the plain water they provide...muaahahahahah..and i stayed there for bloody 1 hour plus before entering the museum...MUAHAHAHAHAHA

(Kesian me ho)

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