Sunday, December 02, 2007

Singapore Writer's Festival!!!!

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I went to the Singapore Writer's Festival today. Haha..

It was situated at the Arthouse (1 Old Parliament Road). Actually i was just interested at the Life Online Topic for today. I missed the first one which was about earning money by blogging..haih..Hope to know more about it from anyone attending la!!!
Fine. Whatever. I attended the "Blogging Etiquette" talk. There aren't really lots of people but still, i met lots of famous singaporean as well as malaysian bloggers there!! This is soooo exciting.
So, at 4pm, the talk started. (Before that, i was loitering around the comic corner..)
From Left to Right: Mr. Miyagi (Singaporean Famous Blogger), Ming (Co-founder of Nuffnang) and Kenny Sia (OOOO!!!!!!I guess you know who he is la...)
They are basically talking about comments and ya, blogging etiquette la. They share their story about getting hate/nasty/unreasonable/totally stupid comments, and when there are actually someone setting up a hate blog for them...omg, this is sooo awesome, no, i dont mean getting hate is awesome la. Just that this reminds me of "You are Awesome! when someone you dont know hated you". (kenny, stop feeling bad about people saying you...*cough*fat*cough*
Oh ya, this reminds me of someone a few weeks ago. My first stupid hate message. That was nasty. Let's not talk about it. Argh..
Points to pounder:
1. Don't expect everyone to like your blog/you
2. If someone posted a hate comment, you can reply once then ignore it if it is reasonable. But if it is just an unreasonable anonymous nasty comment, you can choose to delete it. (Mr. Miyagi choose to higher its entertaining value.)
3. Be responsible of what you are blogging about.
And that ends this session.

me and kenny


bibliobibuli said...

i'm very sad i missed this session, and thanks for writing about it. i will be down at the writers festival talking about blogging next weekend!

Jx said...

I was there for the talk too! Lol not too many people there but it's really fun. Hope there's a next one coming around soon.

liyiesther.C said...

1. Don't aspect everyone to like your blog/you

i think you meant 'expect' instead of 'aspect'


Christine said...

sorry..hehe..type wrongly, cause last night when i type it, it was 12am already..brain sleeping...sorry sorry...