Sunday, December 02, 2007

Singapore Zoooooooooooo.....

I went to Singapore Zoological Garden, yikes, Singapore Zoo la today with my little cousins which just arrived from their trip to China. HEHE

Something before entering the zoo....
Elephant Crocodile...

African "band" welcoming us...haha...
Parrots there too. You can take photo with them by paying $15.
Ok, time to enter the zoo...(less talking, more photo)

Mouse deer..

OOOO!! I like this one very much. The endangered White Tiger!!!
Pygmy Hippo
The underwater ballerina
My sister thought it was farting...which when it was breathing....
Australian Outback

Kangaroo..again, like those in Australia..but i didn't go and feed them this time.. Upside-down-headed emu...


This is Carlas. It is a male seal. It is very intelligent knows lots of tricks...
Carlas kissing Amos..

(not you la amoswong...)

ELEPHANTS OF ASIA A painting paint by Gambir, a 10++ years old adult male elephant.

Balancing itself on a small log..
shaking between elephant and man
Gambir kissing the guy...they are training all the elephants using the language of Sri Lanka. Which is a tradision. 2 of the elephants are from MALAYSIA!!!!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!
Elephant at work...strong o!
Girl POWER!! TEAMWORK!!! (all girls..)

Perfect Ending Pose!!!!

Skull of an Elephant... is very noisy lo... the Children's World..omg, very smelly le, i saw pig's s**t

And.. Its WIVES..
Timon!!! Meercats
Cheetah!! Fastest cat on earth...

The polar bear..the white-become-yellow-black polar bear, Inuka and Sasha
Wild Cat
Giant Tortise...SOO BIG LA!!!See that girl squating there, she is a very tall ang mo and kinda big size it to the tortise...Woah!

Me and my little cousin
Monkey again..swinging by.. saw 2 fighting la, but didnt took it down..

And i guess tha's it for the Singapore Zoo....
(I feel like the Discovery Channel la..)

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