Monday, December 03, 2007

Tea at Andersen's...

(This is not a sponsored post)

I was so tired and hungry after all those WINDOW shopping. It was 3pm. I walked by a pastry/cake/icecream shop and i just couldnt resist the cakes!!!

Sit down. Faster menu give me.

Andersen's of Denmark Andersen's Ice Cream

I ordered Cake of the Day. Which i dont know what type of cake is that.

OMG! This is sooo yummy!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!! no photoshoped o!

I ate the cake. Spoon by spoon. Enjoying its rich chocolaty taste. Oh yum...I wouldnt dare to post up the pic of me eating, or else you will be drooling...haha


Little waffer stick on top of the chocolate.

Still slacking around after eating..


Andersen's is a nice place to loiter/slack/do nothing/enjoy around. I would love to go again!!

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