Saturday, December 29, 2007

WOOHOO!! RM300!!!! Blogger Gathering!

What happened? OMG..just yesterday i was complaining about it and today i am going to be saying Thank YOu thousands of times...

THE GATHERING AT HALO OF COURSE! (plus the $$ lol...)

Joined them for the gathering..

(Amanda, Lynnxuan, GohYie, Lynthia)

Bunch of crazy

I reached there too early actually. 5.40pm i was there and i saw nobody, the shop didnt even open yet. I was scared i ran to imperial a while then come back already open.

Registered and got my name tag. LOL!! Since i was alone, i joined uchu keling , Josh and Darren first until Lynthia them come... The green tea served by Halo was nice!!!

Eating time...LOL...All of us kept refilling our plates!! We ate like there is no tomorrow!!!!


7.00pm Time to introduce ourselves!

"Hello. I am XXX and my URL is XXX and..."
AMANDA!!! haha..

I didnt go I thought it will be like free advertising for my blog but i somehow lost the guts to get up. It was too funny.

FISHBALLS!!! He prefer calling the fishballs, balls. Sarcastic guy, but he did brought lots of laughter to us!!!! I laugh until cannot control myself...


Have to raise up our hands to answer the question. Who raise first, who answer then who win. First prize RM250 plus voucher, second prize RM200 plus voucher (I think) and third prize plus voucher(RM150) and a few consolation prizes plus voucher. We all go like WOOOOO!!!! (The noisiest table of all...)Josh: Question no. X, what is the name of Miri's seahorse? i one ever tells me..

The questions finish. 3 person leading: ME ME!!! Mr. Tony and miriguy ! OMg...first we play EEEERRR San (Known as Tali what i dont know for west malaysia). I am out first.

2 of them play rock, paper, scissors. Miri guy lose..So now, Mr Tony VS ME!!! omg..

I was so nervous or funny..i forgot. They all shooked my hand and say i am cold and nervous. Well, i wasnt really nervous, but cold, maybe. Because i laugh for such a long time and i cant control myself then i become cold.
5 rounds of rock, paper, scissors with a guy 3 times my age. Supporters cheering everytime i won. LOL!!!

Then, finally. I WIN RM300!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaking hands with Josh while laughing like crazy

Receiving my food coupon


This is so funny. I was asked to pick the numbers..hmm...I nearly pick my own number, 06. But instead, ipick 05 and 07. LOL..

Waiting for the winner

Our table won a Victor's album since she is 07 i think..LOL!!!

Lynthia also got RM50 and food voucher!

Lastly, GROUP PHOTO!!!!

say MIRI!!!!

before going home

little tibits..

food coupon worth RM10. Can go HALO eat next time!!!

Luckily i went for it this time. Again, THANK YOU! we all had such a great time there!


LingDi said...

Congrates, congrates! Don't forget to chia u! Haha.. No, seriously, don't forget to! Haha.. Btw, must really thank the guy for giving me an extra lucky draw coupon. It was XXXXXXXXXXX30.

LingDi said...

Sorry.. I meant chia US!

g0hy|3 said... is XXXXXX30... the extra coupon the guy threw to/put on our table... thanks to him whoever he is

so when is this free meal? hehe

g0hy|3 said...

opps... congrats, btw and nice to meet you and glad that u like us, the crazy bunch of girls...haha

áƒĤAmandaa said...


-NicholasW- said...

u too heng liao~ eh,giv sum ur luck to me ler~ u hav too much... haha XD don waste... juz giv me sum ok liao~

...Janice... said...

how good if im still in miri..christine can chia

Christine said...


aLoM said...

waaa...lucky you...congrats...daniel and me had to leave early because he had to babysit his newphew and niece..dang..looking foward to see more pictures from darren and uchukeling.

Christine said...

HAHA! I want to see their pictures too!!

lynnx01 said...

Woohoo.. somehow I feel heavier today. Must be the food! Hahaha.. balls.

Chee Kui said...

Haha.. remember Christine, we have a pact! I got RM150 only. Wooot?! :p

Christine said...

lynnx01: need go diet la..go eat some more, we all combine money go!!!!

chee kui: actually i got RM250 only, lol!! THEN PLUS THAT RM50! OMG...

lynnx01 said...

I did some skipping rope and hoola hoop. Can eat some more.. Hahah!

Darren said...

good for you hehe, you can check out my post for the other photos at my blog