Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 days of life as a form 4-er

FORM 4!! OMG !@#$%^&*()!!!!

I never thought i have reached this stage! I am like Form 4 boh..I remember when last time i was in primary school, or even form 1 already,i thought :Whoa! Form 4 people all look so grown up, i can never be like that...

Fine, i admit that i also dont look that grown up now. So, are my friends. Our teacher says we look just like form 3 only..even worst, my relative thought i am in primary school..=.=

Ok. Let's come back to the topic. 2 days life as a Form 4. 2 days couldnt really let me understand the whole form 4, but at least for now, let me define Form 4: scary and exciting.

OMG...the homework got a lot a..everyday work like pig...until i have no time to blog, no, NO TIME TO EVEN TOUCH MY COMPUTER NOR THE TV, the most is on bed..sleepzzzzzzz...

The syllabus also hard like pig...you can be in the class whole morning, trying the best to focus, but at the end, you still dont get what the teacher just said. Plus, you will get so nervous, because when teacher start to ask questions, it is always those who went to tuition knows how to answer..while nooby people like me are still spending so much time to think...(Add Maths la!)

Add on: Mr. Phang are so crazy, he say everyone must join a Uniform Body! I thought LEO and ISCF were uniform bodies so i joined it then he said it is not again...To make it even worst, everyone must wear the uniform of the uniform body you join to school when you have the activity..omg...And he said, "This from me, but the KEMENTERIAN!" he kept on repeating kementerian..haha..fine, ok ok...i joined briged puteri lo, since it is the most eng uniform body...and i have many friends joining it..haha!

I joined Majalah Kelab for kelab dan persatuan(which i scratched my head so long for choosing it, since i got 6 choice..!@#$%^, have to give up other 5 great clubs..) and Softball (OH YEAH!) for sukan dan permainan. Wonder what you guys chosed???

They said, later in the middle of the year, there will be something like prefect training...and we have to be absent from class for most of the time. It is surely nice to be in the Prefectorial Board!!! But imagine the homework accumulate then...NEVERMIND! MUST FIGHT TILL THE END!!!!!

I guess the exciting part...is same as the scary part...

so, 2 days of form 4 and one more year to go!!!!!!
Go! Christine Go! (come on, shout together!) Go! Christine Go!


GeminiGeek said...

It takes time to get used to it. The gap between Form 3 and Form 4 is very big. Not only the syllabus, the exam format as well. Back then in my form 3, there's not even any tedious writing on the exam paper. Everything is objective, so I only have to shoot the correct answer (exception to language subjects). Form 4/5 exam requires you to write, write, and write. I remembered I drained one third of my pen's ink in my SPM's BM paper.

Addmaths, those old time. I only master most of the Form 4 stuff in Form 5. By the time I start to catch up with Form 5 stuff, it's already SPM (I don't go to tuition, I find it a waste of money).

And as for clubs, I guess you should minimize participation in them. Form 4 isn't honeymoon year as most claims. It's better to prepare and equip yourself with knowledge to get good grades.

When you're applying to go to college, co-curricular activities are just puny games, unlike claims by your teacher saying that clubs will help college entrance. Here's the truth. To get into local Uni, you have to convert and change your status. You get what I mean :P To get into private Uni, you got to have the money, and the grades. And to get scholarship, you need to have really really good grades and do well in your scholarship interview. Connections (means knowing people from the people giving scholarship) does help too.

And when you're going out to work, your employer don't even look at your club's certs or any certs of participation. All that matters is your qualifications and how you handle your job interview.

So my usual advice to my juniors:
Get good grades and learn communication skills. Take the opportunity to be the presenter in any class presentation or take part in debates. Don't fork out too much time in clubs, one or two is enough, unless you think spending time in clubs is a way for you to relax. In my case, computer and TV is my way of relax, not clubs and its responsibility.

Anyways, good luck and yeah, congrats on your winning during the Advertlets blogger meet. Cheers :)

Christine said...

I am writing like crazy now...and i dont go for tuition either, for the moment too. Didnt go for tuition for years already but i will try to adapt myself too. When i find it hard to catch up, then i will try tuition maybe..

I'll take your advise, minimize clubs...haha..
I knew the clubs arent really for anything. Since i am not aiming for Local Uni, the clubs' marks are not a big deal for me. And good grades? I am working really hard for it now!!! (LOL!! Aim staright A1s!!!!)communication skills? I guess it is still ok. At least i can talk to people...

Oh...MY NUMBER 1 relaxation is SLEEP...Number 2, BLOG! that's the kind of relax life i like..

*Cheers back*