Friday, January 04, 2008

About today's orientation

I am doing a double report! AAA!!! no la, today only do for my blog. Yesterday i did twice, one here one for the real report.

I still dont get it..why my group's new students are like that? They dont want to involve in anything and in that, i mean EVERYTHING! It is not like we dont care about them, all of us, my group de AJK, all tried really really hard to encourage them to join. I sang so loud (which i will never do), everyone around could hear it but still, that new student say, NO! i say why, she say, "Because I dont want!!!" omg....

They are all so quiet, some are talkative but they just dont want to involve in anything. They loudest sentence our AJK can hear is, I DONT WANT! from them and nothing else...waaa...

Problematic student? Almost whole group..haha...Sometimes i just wish my group's new students are those who will get into fights rather than being too quiet since..they will respond to what you say...Ok, maybe i am thinking too much.

NEW STUDENTS! COME ON! i look and act more like a new student than you do le! Quit acting like a bunch of ah mu and ah pek, enjoy this once in a life time orientation or else you will really regret o!

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Darren said...

oh well people are like that, been there already.i'm sure eventually you'll some coorperative ppl :)