Friday, January 18, 2008

Add.Maths and tuitions

(FYI, Add.Maths = Additional Maths, Add.Math doesn't equal to General Mathematics, but square of GM. omg...i am talking maths...)

Lately, for this week, i have been grinding with lots and lots of add maths...It is so new to me, which i never learn any of these before. Therefore, i am so so so so slow..

My Add. Maths teacher is Pn. Lau Ming Hung, which is a totally brilliant teacher. She is unbelievably smart (a.k.a. Genius). She can do add.maths so fast that makes me wonder if her brain is even faster and more powerful than a calculator. I mean FASTER than a calculator!

While me here, is kinda nooby at the moment. I may be catching up with the lesson nicely and able to do my ork but i am still so blur about everything! When teacher asked a question, i am a bit slow to answer.

Those people who went to tuition are great too!! I heard that they have finished studying add maths last holiday. Now, that have made my kiasu-sm starts to work again...I feel like going to tuition too, although i didnt really went to any tuition before, except that 3 weeks extra class i have for chinese before my UPSR. My family has implanted a good habit in me, i guess. Not going to any tuition classes.

AAARGH!! I am still not going to any tuition classes...UNLESS i found one really really really nice or i really have no idea what the lessons are about anymore.


GeminiGeek said...

no need tuition one la. just spend the money on a few workbook, work it out and if you're stuck in a hard question and couldn't even understand what the answer is talking about, ask your nerdy friends or your great teacher.

If you go to tuition, your tuition teacher will do the same. Give you more exercise to do. Maths, after all is based on this one theory: Practice makes Perfect.

Back in my time, pelangi have good addmaths workbook. I'm not sure what which publisher publishes good books now, cos I think time has changed, with all the maths and science in english stuff.

haan said...

hi, just share with u my experience.

when i just started my form 4, i scored only 50-60 for the add math. it's different from the general maths before coz we need longer and more complicated calculation. i was very frustrated that time coz math is always my subject.

what i found wrong with myself was, i was always scared to start calculating. coz afraid that after quite some effort, i still got it wrong.

but once u r determined, trust yourself that u can conquer it, do not hesitate to start the first step, u'll then get it done. not only done but without error. of course u need to practice more. practice makes perfect!

finally, scoring 90+ became no longer a prob for me, after some time. hope the same for u.

Christine said...

thanks guys..nice advice anyway.

I bought the workbooks. The good publishers now are Oxford Fajar, Pelangi, Sasbadi and Longman, i think (According to my past experiences la) Other workbooks often provide wrong answer of the questions are totally unrelated. Haha...

It was a bit more better for today i guess. At least i can answer those questions faster.

Still, i need more practise. yes, practice makes perfect.