Thursday, January 03, 2008

Feeling much better...

I am feeling a lot happier today, thank you for comforting least, i dont knock my head into anything till this second.

School reopens..
I was so anxious this morning. Dont know what to do. As i expected, i went into 4S2 which is for those who chose package 2. Only a good seat on the most front row were left and others were go far behind. Bo bian..sit in front lo. But i will have to tolerate Joseph Wong and his World's Most Active mouth..whether for eating, shouting, screaming, talking, making noise...He is sitting beside me...!@#$% no

I went to 4S1..and i was like OMG...nerds..I cant seems to see how nerd they were when i was in the same class with them last year, but then now i can see...nerds..nerds...Some of them were like, NO WAY I AM GOING TO STAY WITH THESE NERDS!!!! Luckily i am not..or maybe i am going to be the nerd in my class. Argh..

I AM SO HAPPY..Puan Sheow is our form teacher. Only 2 chinese form teacher are available and we got one! The nice and funny one!! So lucky...She is so friendly although she might be a little bit slow motion some times. Still, she is ever so friendly to everyone. BTW, i am chosen as the secretary of the class, I HATE BEING SECRETARY!!! haha...haunted by orientation..

About Orientation
FYI, our school's orientation is done by students only, no teacher and it lasted for 2 weeks. It starts today. I am going to have to make a full report..arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghHHH!!! so tired already..whatever la, since..i am a secretary...

I met many new students. I AM IN GROUP 7!! Equuleus! THE BEST GROUP EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Some funny and nice but got a few very very weird.

Case #1:
Christine: Come with us la. This game very nice one.
New student: Childish...*walk away*

Case #2:
Christine: Sing are suppose to sing now.. see, everyone is singing, i am also singing..sing out loud...
New student: I dont read.
Christine: How come you can read every one's name but you dont know how to read these lyrics??
New student: Who dont know how to read names..

(I am going to classify him as having "Dyslexia"...)

Case #3:
New student: You are karen right?
Christine: No, i am christine.
New student: You are esther right?
Christine: I told you i am christine.
New student: You are samantha right?
Christine: I AM CHRISTINE!
New student: MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!...

stupid..i know he is joking least, he is talking and singing...

I will try hard to adapt to everything....tomorrow's another day..i am so tired ...


yukkham said...

+U.. i noe you can do it! you're a born-leader..
orientation is really tired but juz have more fun.. you xperience it bfore right? =)

Christine said...

yea..this is still small problems..i had bigger ones last year..going to deal with it tomorrow...

...Janice... said...

thank god u blogged..still get to know what's happening..thank you christine..come here, me give u big hug..haha~

Anonymous said...

Wat's a nerd? U look like one too, PMR 8A oh...