Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My name in Tulisan Jawi!!!

(this post is not write in a cronological form. The sentence can make no sense to you. lol)
Well, certainly i am not really bored, since i got like 5 or 6 essay form homework to do today and i am still hear to blog. Maybe i am what Kit How said before, mentally tired.

To be ignored:
I am lame la! HAHA..i listen to people and i wish people to listen to me too. That's it. And when i was so desparate and stress and i cried and i cried. suddenly, i was over it. I was over the stress part and i am like after-ben kui stage...sot already, cant stop laughing.

To be read:
This was written by Cikgu Rohaili! name in Tulisan Jawi! SO NICE LA! SO CUTE TOO!!! hahaha..never thought it will look like this. I wish i learn tulisan jawi...haha, so i learn one more language!!!

Cikgu Rohaili teach us Sivik, a totally useful and at the same time, unuseful subject. Yesterday was our first Sivik lesson. he didnt start the class straight away. He played with us and let us do our own word..

I was so blur. I tried to immitate Cikgu Azmira for "Menyelam sambil minum air", instead, i blurred out "Minum air sambil menyelam" sia soi in front of teacher, especially the one that you never knew before!!!

Other lessons:

We study the book of Acts this year, next year Luke. Nice o!!! Puan Lau teach us. She say the worst result ever get by students in our school is A2 and most of them is A1!!! oh yeah..I am going to revise my new text book now, Bible. The word of God. Hehe...

Add Maths!!!

Puan Lau teach us too...haha, i am totally confused by add maths idea what is going on.. but is very challenging and fun!!!

Sot jor...


...Janice... said...

hey..looks like every1's mentally tired huh?? me 2..i guess..i get hysterical easily at sch..n so emo at home..i duno wad's happening 2 me..but i think im

tell ya something, i din do my homework for like..2 days:) n im gona die in mayb a few hours..

Christine said...

I didnt do my homework too la..haha..too much, cant even finish. Not like last time, can finish at school, go home happy, everyday have to stay at school until 4pm, tired like pig...

Cheer up la! really, dont pressure yourself too much..

tajudin said...


congrats, you managed to write (at least) while some of my friends don't.

fyi, i wrote/comment on tulisan jawi yesterday >>

or just visit my blog here >>