Thursday, January 24, 2008

Packed packed..

Softball Club:
YEAH!!! softball club is back on track again!

We had our first practice today. It went quite well. At least everyone is willing to learn.

I had lots of fun since i didnt play softball for a very long time already, luckily i wasnt really bad or else it will be very sia soi in front of the new members.

The sun is really hot just now. I didnt put on any protection or sunblock. Hehe, dont care a! Hope next practice will be better!

Dance Club:
I went to Imperial Hotel just now for the rehersal for tomorrow! Before that..haha, a few of us went into Fast Net CC..I didnt play la! I never went into a cyber cafe before..haha...
My impression about Cyber cafe? Totally useless and unattractive for me. Since it as just computers and internet, why dont i just go home and play?! With RM1.50 per 30 minutes, it is bloody expensive! I understand, it is very important to those who dont have internet connection back at home. Haha!

The rehersal went quite ok. except that i found out we are kinda sia soi lo. Cause we didnt dance quite well compared to the other groups. Hope the performance for tomorrow will be ok!!! Remember to check it out tomorrow with pictures o!

Straight A students:
I dont care a. Thank God Gali and Vincent are willing to help out!!!! I feel more relieved now with the evil way i force them to come. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! will be telling you what my evil way is soon!!!

Classes and Lessons:
Same as always...homework. Except i missed a few lessons. I miss my days of form 2 and form 3 cause i can concentrate in my studies very well. But i will still try my best now! I am multipurpose human! I am not a nerd!!!!

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