Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sweet Day to have in Sweet Memory

Today is way way way (times 1000 times) better than yesterday!! And i am so much more happy!!! Yeah yeah! Game Master, you guys rocks!!!!!!!

This morning's talk..haha, i didnt mean to be rude, but i nearly slept..maybe mostly because of the late night chatting last night and i was so tired. Luckily i didnt sleep or else it is going to be so sia soi...What do you think the new students will think if they see a senior AJK sleeping during talk time?? (Maybe nvm, cause this also happens)

When Mdm Voon was talking about the school songs and she requessted everyone to sing it, i was like, Should we stand up?? Should we? Should we? Then the song started, fine, I'll stand up. No one seems to react at first, but slowly, everyone was standing up. I thought i am going to sia soi cause only me nia stand!!! And she also praised us for being so cooperative. Compared to last year, it is much more better since the new students nor the AJKs are making noise..

I was chosen to be the Station Master for the station game this afternoon. When we were about to go out to set the game, the rain starts..omg...and someone was about to be like, !@#$%^&* WHY RAIN! (Fine, he didn say any foul words la, cause scared will get fine RM5!!) I was feeling very funny with what kurt said, "If God still dont like us, maybe the station games will be cancelled." I know it is raining and we have to depend on the weather outside...but you dont have to say God still dont like us ...Kurt, remember, God loves me and you and every of His daughters and sons...

Wa, the station game, i was in station 9 with Shiau Thung, Voon San and Jeffrey... All station master were so high even before the games start!!!! BECAUSE WE WERE PLAYING WATER AND RUNNING AROUND LIKE MAD IN THE HEAVY RAIN!!! so happy...Since we are going to be wet, being in the rain isnt a big deal after all...SO HIGH AA! Not regreting for being a station master!

Fine, the game starts after the rain really stops. OUR STAION IS SO FUNNY..

One guide, one run with blindfold on eyes..

Annoying them...

It is so funny. But got one new student want to KICK me oo, cause he say i am too noisy. But i think he didnt really meant it cause he still laughs so happily after that. got one said, I DONT FREAKING CARE! after she played the game. serious..You dont have to care about the game anyway. it's just a game..

So happy, but i think the new students will us, because we were so annoyoing and noisy which will make them harder to guide that one with the blinfold..Got one say, Ni Hai Wo De! (You make me lose) when we are going home, dont know from which group..spoil my image, bo bian lo.

Nice la today..not least my group de new students are interacting more again..little bit each day...


Samantha said...

ur station very HIGH!! especially is da first station!!
I scream until no voice..haha

Christine said...

lol!!! I also scream till no sound le! Scream 10 times...cause got 10 rounds..haha!

thung said...

hahaha.. so fun a in the same station with u..