Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I met Mr. Chai Shen!!!!! (God of Wealth)

I MET MR CHAI SHEN JUST NOW! I MEAN IN REAL LIFE!!!!(His skin tone is a lot more darker than i thought)
And he did gave me ANG PAU!!!!
Chai shen busy giving ang pau and money..haha
I got one any pau too!! Which i snatch using one hand then he look at me bu shuang bu shuang like that...haha..


Let's open and see how much he gave..

haha...RM 1 to buy SK Canned Yellow Peach...eh! Dont say cheap moh! Must appreaciate, this is durian runtuh le!! HAHA!! And the peach taste quite nice too!!!!

But still, chai shen...next time remember to give this one la..

Or MONEY $$ so i can bring police to this cafe next time...lol

kopi o cafe

Happy Chinese New Year. 1 more day to CNY!!!


MicheGinny said...

not bad .... not bad at all ... its a good omen for a start ehh!

Christine said...

nice le...