Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A super-lame lame lame lame joke to share...

I am too bored I guess. The exam is so soon! First monthly test for form 4. Not settled down for studying yet. AA!!!

Fine. Here's a LAAAMMMEEEE joke i got which my classmate told me.

One day, a boy is day-dreaming during his English lessons time.
Suddenly, his teacher asked him,"What is the past tense for pick?"
He was not paying attention so he did not heard it.
The teacher ask again,"What is the past tense of pick?"
The boy was shocked after awaking from his dreamland and shouted "PORK!"
"Didnt you say pig?!"

Get it?! Get it?!


p/s: Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Dont forget it, boys!


Christine said...

Ok. It is lame. But i have some ideas about this joke lo. Even if the teacher ask pig, it isnt suppose to be pork. It is the past tense of Pork is Pig. Because a pork is a pig's afterlife.

coolku said...

ya, past tense of pork is pig. quite good co-relate thinking. but LAME.:)