Friday, February 22, 2008

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Bani gundu
Najmyhana ni mo naiLindoshSlebetcepoterh
Scarlet Kiss
Burgers for Breakfast
Constantly * Changing
Me, myself and I


First name - Christine
Nickname - Chris(bleh), baby(only my family is allowed to call me that!), tine (omg.)
Name you wish you had - Charlotte (My favourite novel character!)
What do people normally mistake your name as - Christina (!@#$%^!!! I HATE THIS NAME OK!? it is so...err..err..aiyer...i just dont like it)
Birthday – 25 December (Hehe!)
Birthplace - Miri
Time of Birth - A while after 8.00am.
Single or taken – Single
Zodiac sign - Capricorn

Your Appearance
How tall are you – 163 or 162..dont know. (I used to be like 149cm 2 years ago! HAHA!)
Wish you were taller – 170cm!!!!
Eye color – Brown-black
Eye color you want – super super black until shinny
Natural Hair color - Dark brown (normal chinese colour)
Current Hair color – I am not allowed to dye my hair and i will not do so.
Short or long hair – Long eh...
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – Not really. Unless i am forced to.
Curly,Straight,Wavy - Curly or Straight...never thought of wavy before le..
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – Curled my hair/cut my hair
Glasses or contacts – none. YEAH!!! My eyes are sitll good! oh yeah
Do you wear make-up - Lip balm on special occasions. Heavy make-up during performances.
Ever had hair extensions – No.
Paint your nails – During holidays...

In the opposite gender
What color eyes - No scary freakish colours please
What color hair – Normal colour (no ah beng colours please)
Shy or Outgoing – Outgoing. (Duh!)
Looks or personality – P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y
Sexy or Cute – Hehe..both la...
Serious or Fun – Serious he is suppose to be serious; fun when he is suppose to be fun.
Older or Younger than you – Preferably a little tiny bit older
A turn on – A good listener
A turn off - Totally rude and unreasonable (no foul words and talk properly please)

This or that
Flowers or Chocolate – Choc!
Pepsi or Coke - Coke
Rap or Rock – Rock. Rules!
Relationship or One night stand – Relationship (DUH!)
School or Work – Work.
Love or Money – Money for the moment. (Love when i finishes my school)
Movies or Music - Movies.
Country or City – City
Sunny or Rainy days – Rainy days. Malaysia so hot...
Friends or Family – Family.

Have you ever
Lied - Yes. (who doesnt?)
Stolen something – Not really. But i got take something which no one wants to claim.
Smoked – No. i hate smokers.
Hurt someone close to you – Yes.
Broke someones heart – Yes.
Wondered what was wrong with you – Yes. (dont be overconfident)
Wish you were a prince/princess – Princess! YES! (I get what i want and my wish is everyone's command, LOL!)
Liked someone who was taken – no.
Shaved your head – omg..what for? ahaa!
Been in love – No.
Used chopsticks – omg. DUH! What do you call a chinese?
Sang in the mirror to yourself – Yes.

Flower – Anything pretty
Candy – Green apple, peach and grape flavoured ones! (yum, i am a sweet-toothed maniac!)
Song - nice songs lo..
Scent - Miracle. Lancome.
Movies - Commedies?
Singer – i dont care. as long as he/she can sing
Junk food – BBQ LAYS!! OMG!!!!
Website –
Lotion - i dont wear lotions
Animal – dogs!!!!
Ever cried over someone – Yes. especially those idiots. dont know what for i do that.
Do you think you're attractive – Maybe yes maybe no. HOW I KNOW!?
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – Beauty and the Beast (Belle is so pretty!)
Do you play any sports – Yes. Softball


The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules.- List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

+ I love God.

+ I love soft colours.

+ I love blogging.

+ I love being happy.

+ I love learning in school(especially BK class) but that doesnt mean i love chung hua.

+ I love having friends around who understands me.

+ I play piano. but still nooby.

+ I hate being forced to do something. Be sure not to force me or i will become crazy and you will become the victim.

I want to tag:
1. Shar
2. Choon Yen.
3. Thung
4. Lynna
5. Lynthia
6. Lynxuan
7. Robin (double tagging you!)
8. Anyone interested!!!


Anonymous said...

muahahha. here comes the evil Bevee wtf.

LingDi said...

I've done this tag before.. Haha..

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Hmmm... I'm tagged!! Oh NO! LOL!

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