Sunday, March 30, 2008

CH Concert 2008 (Drama Version)

I keep my promise. I uploaded the concert's picture. Well, part of it. The drama part. HEY,APPRECIATE!! What you guys see here, you will never get the chance to look at it even you bought the RM100 ticket..unless you got..
ORANGE-LINED NAMETAG!!! (only limited for committee o!)
Unlimited access to both backstage and front stage! MUAHAHAHA!!
Ok. Let's see the photos. Both, front stage and back stage.

blah blah blah..woo woo
monkey sun wu kong
heavenly armies
Whye Tchien as DAD IN PYJAMAS..loL!!!!
Pau.Longetivity tao sa pau..
Pondan Suk Seng...
Kurt as one of the sien/dewa
Fine. Serious a bit.


Friday, March 28, 2008

tonight concert...

tonight is the first night of the tired, have to tahan till 12am..omg...

Sure hope my sari doesnt fall down again..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i have met someone terribble today..

I admit that i myself will be a bit bit racist sometimes..which i mean a little tinnie winnieeee bit..I maybe like that, but i never show it out and never really show i look down on them. Cause i know that wouldnt bring any good but will cause everything to worsen. I appreciate different races of friends i have and they are good to me too.

Today, i met someone totally unbearble, RACIST! she looks down on chinese...idiot! Terrible horrible..since you can bear and tolerate with other races..should leave here to where you dont have to meet any chinese there!

Yes, i did something wrong, but with totally understanable reason. for pig's sake, she still dont have to be racist in public bah...

Even worse, she criticise my chinese friend even my friend did nothing wrong at all! I MEAN NOTHING..she just walked pass that idiot racist, and she got scolded for??... for??...guess what she was scolded for....

No, not attire...

no, not her walking style...(even if it is, it is so not her business)

no, not her talking style....

no, not her noisiness..




She was scolded, for being SHORT!

omg...that is totally unbearable, if it was me, i am sure i will punch her in the face !@#$%^ idiot! FAKER!
I mean, being short isnt one's fault right? We are born like this and this is how God wants us to be. Plus, she cant just simply scold people she dont know and for being a chinese..(btw, we are proud to be chinese...and live in this multiracial country with such great multiracial friends)

BUSY BODY!!!!!!!!!

You dont deserve to live here...

p/s: by being racist, i mean she is mean to chinese but really sweet*yuck!* to people of the same race..

Monday, March 24, 2008

new header...

post #202

yeah...i made new header
...despite i am so !@#$%^ tired...
cute le cute is pink o..

favourite colour: pink, white, apple-green and purple..hehe!!

omg..exam is coming study...dont "fan" me o..
must concentrate, concentrate...

fan Chi verb/noun bothering unnecessarily

I only got 3 emotions...

(this is my 201 post..yipee...)

I only got 3 emotions.


Ways to achieve the "happy" emotion:

  1. sleep
  2. go church
  3. eat McD
  4. holiday, not seeing the school for a day
  5. no activities
  6. travelling...
  7. studying for a whole perfect day without interruptions (yeah, i am a nerd and i plan to be one, so don't spoil my plan!)


Causes of this emotion:

  1. mad dog simply barking (by the mad dog i am talking about, i am not literally talking about a dog, but...someone thoroughly irritating enough..)
  2. no McD to eat
  3. Useless man...
  4. confused on Add Maths...
  5. bullies


Causes of this emotion:

  1. !@#$% activities
  2. going to school on holidays
  3. missing church
  4. fights and angers
  5. my pessimistic thoughts
  6. stucking in this !@#$% situation...confused...
  7. no travelling...

Ok. So i only got these emotions lately. Mostly on the third one..cause i am confused most of the time, feeling helpless..and lazy..Haha!

Avoid the second and third one, cause you will never want to see Christine crying and shouting at you in public! ( dont dare me, i really do)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First tuition!!

Today is my last school holiday until June. Good, suffering for 2 straight months.

I went to my first tuition class for physics today. (To my friends) Remember how i always say i wont go to any tuition, but now, i am too desperate until i have to break this saying. I got a B3 for my physics, what do you expect?! first time getting a B in my secondary school Ah!! Half of the reason i am going is because my physics teacher in school aren't really making anyone clear about what she is teaching about and there is always these distractions and delaying that made the teacher's teaching even slower. Not that i wasn't listening in class, you can ask my friends in class, i am paying like 200 or 300% of my attention during physics class still, she knock nothing into my head.

Another reason is, this tuition teacher's house is really near to my house. it is just like 2 houses 2 or 3 minutes walk will reach the fee is very very reasonable too!!!

So, here am I, tuitioning away.

Attention to whom it may concern:

For the rest of the weekends (11am till 3pm) please do not find me or give me any #!%^*$ activities to attend. I won't be there. I am sorry for any consequences happen due to my un-present....If you are really unsatisfied about it, then next time physics test, be sure to take the exam on behalf of me and must get A1 then i will attend your #E$OI@@#8$R activities.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Yours truly,
who is not your @#$%@#$ slave that works 24 hours.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photoshop Trial 1

I never really touched my photoshop things before. Just tried it just now. Hehe...

I love this "smile" alot..mostly because it is pink!!Silly scribbling...

Also, i have learnt how to edit photos of photo. Can turn black coloured iris to blue, pink..any colour..and can turn "not so good looking" to pretty, slim and almost perfect appearance..haha..

Photoshop is good. But never believe what you saw on the internet.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dreaming away at HALO Cafe

Here..One last look at the is going away from you soon...
BECAUSE WE WENT to Halo Cafe again last night hehe...It's Lynthia, Lynnxuan, Goh Yie and Me..
Oh yeah..hehe!!
Halo was kinda empty last night.
Ordered some food. Which i didnt eat because i just finished my dinner before going!!
yum yum, i guess?
I love my drink. California sunshine!! OH YEAH!!! Blend of soda, mango and what else? i forgot another one..pineapple? haha..It taste really nice anyway

Oh California...Oh california sunshine eayai eyai...

star jelly in my drink..
california sunshine..sunshine..sunshine..eyai..eeyai...
Lynnxuan and Lynthia
Goh Yie

This hanging-out thing sure helps to calm the stressed goh yie a bit i think. Hehe..(depending on her willingness to pose for the photo! lol!!!) and for the totally exhausted me to refresh.

Nice chatting..laughing...listening to music and dreaming away night...

DIY Choc Cupcakes

A great tip for cooking-lovers out there..or cupcakes-eater...
I have made some cupcakes a few days ago.
  • 150g butter
  • 150g castor sugar
  • 175g self-raising flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 2tsp cocoa powder (I use Milo instead, hehe)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celcius
  2. PRepare cupcake papers
  3. Crack the eggs into a big bowl and beat.
  4. Throw all the ingredients into the bowl.
  5. Beat with the electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy. (I was so lazy so i use a blender and blend it straight away
  6. DIvide the mixture evenly into cake cases.
  7. Bake for 18-20 minutes until risen and firm to touch
  8. Take it out and it's ready to be serve!!!!

It taste quite nice!! You can add icing tops if you want.

Or try to make a super huge one lo..

the super huge cupcake

nice o!

Speech Craft Program

I attended a SpeechCraft Program organized by Lutong Toastmaster last last sunday and last sunday. Hehe. I rated it as "ok ok la". Nothing much, just a great chance to let us speak out. ;p
Let's just look at the photos
WILLIAM KUEH - organizing chairman
primary factors in achieving success...
so emotional maturity isnt that important..I got no moral responsiblity, no diplomacy, no humor.
BUT who cares, i want the one with compassion.
Chomp chomp chomp tea break
Steve and Jason
Yikes...just look at the sceneries la.nothing interesting or funny to enough to take during the program cause most of the time, we just go up stage and humiliate ourselves. I was an evaluator in the competition..lost la, cause overtime like !#&&#* kicked out lo..
Beautiful sceneries...

(If you want these photos, email me personally. I will sell it to you or you can trade something with me. Hehe!!)

My holidays... holidays...It is going to be gone, GONE!!! ..and i am going to pass my "perfect" Public holidays in school...aaaaaa......

My Good Friday, when we are suppose to be in church. Well, again, forced to go to school. What to do...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My school, It's getting worst...

I am going to die of exhaustion soon...
I am coming home EVERYDAY at 6.00pm...totally exhausted. Class hour until 3.10pm, then, I will rush for my choral speaking practice which crush with the Choir practice time. No choice, i have to skip the choir cause choral speaking one is preparing for a competition. Damn exhausting. 3.10pm till 4.30pm.
You think that's all?
Not a FAT chance..
I have to sadly watch everyone taking up their bags and going home. Left me and a few others at school, continue on our dance practice. 4.30 pm till the school...omg..
Sweating like hell and stinking...and total zero energy left....
Walk into the school when the sun is half rising up. Walking out of the school gate when the sun is already half gone...
SO sad...
(Apart from serving the school by giving our time and energy, we are also "forced" to buy the concert ticket, which cost me bloody RM50 deducted from my pocket money. Well, now i have to prepare to starve for the next 2 months. great...)

I slept during my Add Maths class!!! DAMN BLOODY.. I was so exhausted because the day before, i got home at 6pm too...doing my homework till 12am...sleep for 5 and a half hour only..Today surely tired la. I am so blur about my studies now. This co curricular thing is going a bit too far now....

When i heard about Lynthia saying about how her school was like, study until 1pm only and most co curricular activities during Saturday, i felt really bad about my own school lo. I don't remember my elder siblings "suffering" like this before lo. I mean like, Reach school at 6.30am, go out school at 6.00pm. we are not working yet...and we don't get paid for all of these...sad..sad...tired...exhausted...

I saw my post about "school working illegally" stucking at the school's staff room's notice board a few days ago. Thanks for noticing it..teachers, friends... !@#$% it was so humiliating. Because my English was so
Then many teachers kept asking,"Is that you? is that you?" haha...shake head shake head..
Still, i want to thank that teacher who printed it out. At least now, the school knew my hell-like feeling...

I really hope someone could do something about it...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Freaking SPM result...

21 As!!!!!! OMG OMG...last year was what?? 17 A1s? and now 21!! Well, actually is 20 A1 1A2 la, but still, 21 SUBJECTS LE!!!!@#$!@#$.. bloody horrible..haha..

And my school???
The SPM result this year for my school is SO scary. I mean like 72 straight As??!! siao...haha..Tan Sri must be over the moon

No way! No way! As a member of the K.N.A. (Kiasu Nerds Association), i must show my dedication to the club and start studying now. Now, shhh..Busy studying. First physics..then chemist..then bio..then add maths..then then..then...

Photos of the dinner...

I took some photos last night using my handphone...Expect it is going to be so so blur..Plus, people keep bumping into me...make my hand shake only..Haha..Still, enjoy these pictures la..

The Oldies Band welcoming u!!

A lot of people. Take this and multiply by 3 and you get the size...

-.-" speeches..which i cant understand..cause in foo chow...hehe!!!

And then the food. Not really attractive. No photos for it. Hehe.

I rather enjoy the scenery is much better than the speeches and food!!!

Rainbow from cloud..

This reminds me of a unicorn or bear or something like that sliding down the raindow to the cloud..FOrgot which cartoon it is..

Nice one...

I just realised many schoolmates are there too that night. (Some selling beer o! Some selling CDs!) OK. They have set the record of the largest number of people for a dinner (Forgot nationally or internationally..) Good la. At least, i am one of the participants!!!! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

7000++ people dinner!!!

This is such a HUGE banquet that i dont know how to describe.
7000 people..ON WATER!!! FOR DINNER...!#$%^&

Ok. I am talking about the Malaysia Foo Chow Association Night Dinner. At Eastwood Valley Music Corridor (The one on water).
I didnt take much photo and my phone's camera is like !#%^*)....But i will try to take some on the newspapers one if i saw any..

Back to the HUGE banquet. 700 tables with 10 people/table. Imagine how huge is that!!!!

How bout the food. Hmm..Still ok la. Cannot say it is very bad, but cannot say it is good either. Haha. I ate the first 3 dishes then go home already. cause i was going to use staying there. like wasting lots of food only. Cause when you sit there, the waiters tend to give you the food in such huge portion. And you will feel so symphatic for the food if you just sit there dont eat and then the waiter come and collect again...So, will start feeding and forcing myself to eaat. Bo bian, go home lo..

Well, i guess you cant really get the picture here. I will try to upload the photos la..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Addicted thoroughly...Haha..TO VIWAWA.COM omg...
Cause they provided games such as MAHJONG, Big 2,5, Sushido, Match it, Stwack, Checkmate and all sorts of stuffs there, where you can actually play with real life people online!!!!
(If you want to join, tell me!!! Refer from me so we can meet up more easily and i can earn
This is my wawa...(so !@#$% cute la!!!):

By the way, my username is chriswsw92 if you want to play with me..hehe!!!!

Try it!

Tattoo-ed myself..

I tattoooeeeedddd myself..
Butterfly!!! hehe...
no la, not real tattoo la...
Just draw using pen la...

How to become a Genius in a fast way..

I just remembered what Steve asked me few days ago...


Well, here's my answer:
I don't study. (except the night before exams)
I burn midnight oil.

Steve, cool down, i know you wont believe it. But that's the fact.
But i can recommend you a way to become a genius la. I havent tried it before. I think it is quite good and easy.
Here it is...
You can borrow a few dictionaries from me if you want. Hehe...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DIY Paperclips


  • Plain paperclips
  • Bubble (special material, find it in your local crafts store)
  • Beads
  • Cellophane tape


  1. Put the beads into the bubble.
  2. Fill the bubble with water and cover it.
  3. Stick the paperclip with the bubble..omg, it is SO CUTE!!!!

Very useful too o!!! Love