Monday, March 10, 2008

A 16 years old's perspective on the 12th election..

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So, the election has passed and the result??!!


SHOCKING!!!!!!Everyone around was discussing non-stop about it. And that includes my schoolmates. They are all so obsessed with politics suddenly...
BN, who has been winning madly across 50 years are in danger now.
states in red are states which are free from BN
The scariest result they have ever had. It is like getting a really bad result in exams...
Many past ministers has lost their chairs..
And Tun Mahathir's reaction is this..
T.Mahathir: I have chosen the wrong successor.

My comments: So, Malaysia has come to a new era in politics. Hmm...BN should really take some actions by now...They should make reflections and think of a new solutions to win the voters' heart back next time...And listen more to your so called "little peasants"...

ATTENTION to the newly formed government:


Hint for any party who wants to win: The next badge of new voters is now 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 years old. we are not easy packs of tarts. Legal bribes (Like something on the education) can be considered. MUAHHAHAHA!!!

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ZeroH said...

FYI they failed Perak too... =.=