Thursday, March 13, 2008

7000++ people dinner!!!

This is such a HUGE banquet that i dont know how to describe.
7000 people..ON WATER!!! FOR DINNER...!#$%^&

Ok. I am talking about the Malaysia Foo Chow Association Night Dinner. At Eastwood Valley Music Corridor (The one on water).
I didnt take much photo and my phone's camera is like !#%^*)....But i will try to take some on the newspapers one if i saw any..

Back to the HUGE banquet. 700 tables with 10 people/table. Imagine how huge is that!!!!

How bout the food. Hmm..Still ok la. Cannot say it is very bad, but cannot say it is good either. Haha. I ate the first 3 dishes then go home already. cause i was going to use staying there. like wasting lots of food only. Cause when you sit there, the waiters tend to give you the food in such huge portion. And you will feel so symphatic for the food if you just sit there dont eat and then the waiter come and collect again...So, will start feeding and forcing myself to eaat. Bo bian, go home lo..

Well, i guess you cant really get the picture here. I will try to upload the photos la..

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LingDi said...

Hey! I almost went there to work by selling VCDs! Haha.. But, I didn't larr.. Went for celebration dinner instead. Hehe...