Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dreaming away at HALO Cafe

Here..One last look at the is going away from you soon...
BECAUSE WE WENT to Halo Cafe again last night hehe...It's Lynthia, Lynnxuan, Goh Yie and Me..
Oh yeah..hehe!!
Halo was kinda empty last night.
Ordered some food. Which i didnt eat because i just finished my dinner before going!!
yum yum, i guess?
I love my drink. California sunshine!! OH YEAH!!! Blend of soda, mango and what else? i forgot another one..pineapple? haha..It taste really nice anyway

Oh California...Oh california sunshine eayai eyai...

star jelly in my drink..
california sunshine..sunshine..sunshine..eyai..eeyai...
Lynnxuan and Lynthia
Goh Yie

This hanging-out thing sure helps to calm the stressed goh yie a bit i think. Hehe..(depending on her willingness to pose for the photo! lol!!!) and for the totally exhausted me to refresh.

Nice chatting..laughing...listening to music and dreaming away night...


lynnx01 said...

Nice catching up with you as well. Hey, when we sent you back, managed to catch a glimpse of your house. Wanna visit one day! Looks really nice!!

Christine said...

haha!! sure..come visit any time..