Thursday, March 06, 2008

Election is coming...

(FYI, geeks who were "disconnected" from the real world, Malaysia is having its election on 8 March 2008. Please vote for the right party...even if you dont care...)
It is going to be Election day this Saturday. I remember last time i followed my mom for her voting is when i was primary 5 or 6...I cant really remember it by that time. Hehe. Cause i dont believe any kids really do.
Ok. So...It is a HOO-HAA for election in Kuching. But Miri?? Well, IT IS EVERYWHERE IN THE CITY, PEOPLE! EVERYWHERE... Fine. I'll prove it tomorrow!
I read kenny's blog yesterday. He did really made a really good statement on

Why Youngsters Nowadays Dont Vote:
a) They dont care who's in power
b) They think election is not important because BN's going to win anyway..
c) They dont know who to vote.

Good Point.

p/s: I am 15 years old and 3 months. I am not voting if you are suspecting anything...


~界豪^^ said...

haha, rocket rockzzz

Christine said...

so..rocket didnt blash off..after all..