Monday, March 24, 2008

I only got 3 emotions...

(this is my 201 post..yipee...)

I only got 3 emotions.


Ways to achieve the "happy" emotion:

  1. sleep
  2. go church
  3. eat McD
  4. holiday, not seeing the school for a day
  5. no activities
  6. travelling...
  7. studying for a whole perfect day without interruptions (yeah, i am a nerd and i plan to be one, so don't spoil my plan!)


Causes of this emotion:

  1. mad dog simply barking (by the mad dog i am talking about, i am not literally talking about a dog, but...someone thoroughly irritating enough..)
  2. no McD to eat
  3. Useless man...
  4. confused on Add Maths...
  5. bullies


Causes of this emotion:

  1. !@#$% activities
  2. going to school on holidays
  3. missing church
  4. fights and angers
  5. my pessimistic thoughts
  6. stucking in this !@#$% situation...confused...
  7. no travelling...

Ok. So i only got these emotions lately. Mostly on the third one..cause i am confused most of the time, feeling helpless..and lazy..Haha!

Avoid the second and third one, cause you will never want to see Christine crying and shouting at you in public! ( dont dare me, i really do)

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