Sunday, March 23, 2008

My First tuition!!

Today is my last school holiday until June. Good, suffering for 2 straight months.

I went to my first tuition class for physics today. (To my friends) Remember how i always say i wont go to any tuition, but now, i am too desperate until i have to break this saying. I got a B3 for my physics, what do you expect?! first time getting a B in my secondary school Ah!! Half of the reason i am going is because my physics teacher in school aren't really making anyone clear about what she is teaching about and there is always these distractions and delaying that made the teacher's teaching even slower. Not that i wasn't listening in class, you can ask my friends in class, i am paying like 200 or 300% of my attention during physics class still, she knock nothing into my head.

Another reason is, this tuition teacher's house is really near to my house. it is just like 2 houses 2 or 3 minutes walk will reach the fee is very very reasonable too!!!

So, here am I, tuitioning away.

Attention to whom it may concern:

For the rest of the weekends (11am till 3pm) please do not find me or give me any #!%^*$ activities to attend. I won't be there. I am sorry for any consequences happen due to my un-present....If you are really unsatisfied about it, then next time physics test, be sure to take the exam on behalf of me and must get A1 then i will attend your #E$OI@@#8$R activities.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Yours truly,
who is not your @#$%@#$ slave that works 24 hours.


GeminiGeek said...

Wow. No Bs. Impressive. I sense a future straight A student here... hahaha... Good luck :D

Christine said...

Haha...just trying the best i could. But i think those activities are a bit distracting though (like interupting my lesson time)...ish..