Friday, March 14, 2008

Photos of the dinner...

I took some photos last night using my handphone...Expect it is going to be so so blur..Plus, people keep bumping into me...make my hand shake only..Haha..Still, enjoy these pictures la..

The Oldies Band welcoming u!!

A lot of people. Take this and multiply by 3 and you get the size...

-.-" speeches..which i cant understand..cause in foo chow...hehe!!!

And then the food. Not really attractive. No photos for it. Hehe.

I rather enjoy the scenery is much better than the speeches and food!!!

Rainbow from cloud..

This reminds me of a unicorn or bear or something like that sliding down the raindow to the cloud..FOrgot which cartoon it is..

Nice one...

I just realised many schoolmates are there too that night. (Some selling beer o! Some selling CDs!) OK. They have set the record of the largest number of people for a dinner (Forgot nationally or internationally..) Good la. At least, i am one of the participants!!!! :)

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Love the rainbow, girl. Checkout my trilogy, too - you may find a snapshot of moi on the back cover of REDUNDANT. Be at peace. I'll see you Upstairs. God bless.