Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Speech Craft Program

I attended a SpeechCraft Program organized by Lutong Toastmaster last last sunday and last sunday. Hehe. I rated it as "ok ok la". Nothing much, just a great chance to let us speak out. ;p
Let's just look at the photos
WILLIAM KUEH - organizing chairman
primary factors in achieving success...
so emotional maturity isnt that important..I got no moral responsiblity, no diplomacy, no humor.
BUT who cares, i want the one with compassion.
Chomp chomp chomp tea break
Steve and Jason
Yikes...just look at the sceneries la.nothing interesting or funny to enough to take during the program cause most of the time, we just go up stage and humiliate ourselves. I was an evaluator in the competition..lost la, cause overtime like !#&&#* kicked out lo..
Beautiful sceneries...

(If you want these photos, email me personally. I will sell it to you or you can trade something with me. Hehe!!)

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