Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tagged by =.=v!

(Kurt a! Dont make me feel bad about myself la! LOL)

5 bad things about me.
  1. I dont like being busy. ( I just want to study, sleep, eat, sounds impossible) If being needed is a joy, then i am!!!!
  2. I like comments and hate them at the same time. blurry...
  3. I never say foul words...(Even when you are pointing a gun at me)
  4. I never tell when i hate something to the one i hate. but i sort of like "condemn" him/her/it. Haha, bad habit. Still, i dont curse o!
  5. I let others bully me. YOu trY AgaIn LA!! SEE WHAT HAPPENS..later kena me condemning you

Who i want to tag (This make people feel bad la):

1. Shar

2. The Lyn- Wong

3. Janiceeeeee.....

4. TCO

5. who else do la if you want and you are bored...SCHOOL HOLIDAY IS COMING! ELECTION IS COMING!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! VOTE FOR ME!!!

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