Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here it is. The Whole New Camera. After I fell into the drain last time, my Sony sot jor (crazy) liao. And now, I got this WATERPROOF and SHOCKPROOF camera! Preventing me from killing it again!! YEAH!!!!
so cool!!!
nah...take picture lo..
I wasn't really sure about the functions of this camera yet. It is 7.1 Megapixel and got numerous cool functions.
Will tell u guys more when i figure out how to use....

Now, I am defined as EMO.

I went to the Inter-school Public Speaking at SMK Agama today. It was great and Agan got 3rd!!! He represented our school for the first time and a 3rd for a beginner is really good.

And now, back to the topic. I AM DEFINED AS EMO!! OMG..never realised that.
This !@#$% little girl in the public speaking competition speak about "Emo, Emo Kids and Emonian". She defined EMO as expressing emotions excessively (Writing emo poems, wearing tight jeans, tight shirts, commiting suicide.....)

So now write poems also called emo la!?
Fine. I write emo poems sometimes. Cause when i feel like it, i will write.
but you cant call me an EMONIAN for just writing this type of poems.

Then shakespear would be like the

(Shall i compare thee to a summer day...blek...)

Fine. I cry when i feel like it...

I got even more reasons that I AM NOT an EMONIAN! N o offence, but emo people are quite nonsense.
Here's the proof i am NOT an Emonian:
#1 I dont wear tight jeans and tight shirts

super lose shirts and pants are my casual

#2 I dont cut myself. DUH!

i dont stab myself either

#3 I dont draw SUPER black thick eye liners and eye shadows. (i dont even use make up)

But people always thought i did. Maybe i was sleeping to late at night and waking up too early..panda eyes!

#4 I dont listen to emo music (hard cole +rock+something like that)

Listening to classicals and R&B only lo...

#5 I dont do drugs...

like smelling UHU glue is my favourite...

#6 I dont do shocking, weird expressions....

this is totally agressive

Ha! 6 over 2! I WIN! I am not an EMO!!!
(Can i join the debate team??)

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Perfectionist, An Extremist and Sensitivity

I GOT A NEW OLYMPUS waterproof and shockproof CAMERA!!! MUAHAHAHHA....
Showing you guys when i have time, i am just too confused now..


I admit, Sometimes, i am a bit too extremist,
or it is what you called
A Perfectionist.
Who doesnt allow anything to spoil my day.
I always say,
You better watch out if you make me angry.
Well, i told my friend,
I will not get angry,
I don't really get angry,
I dont show REALLY ANGRY,
Cause I only cry when i do get angry.
Again, i am going to say,
I dont care about all of that anymore,
Cause The "HYPOCRISY" odd to be only thing that happens.
I hate my sensitivity.
It is suppose to be a gift from God, that i can detect changes easily,
but it also allow me to see the dark side of people easily,
when no one else was aware of it.
Becareful when you are talking to me,
Instead of listening to your words,
I am looking straight into your heart.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stabilo Fine Art Pen!!!

I saw a lot of people having this kind of pen and how pretty they are. Being totally KIASU, I BOUGHT 6 OF IT!!!
MUAHAHAHA!! So PRECIOUS...Felt-tip pens!

colour colour...
p/s: Fine, i know it is "a bit" expensive, but once for a long long long time, it's still ok. I know i will not be able to finish these 6 pens even after my Form

Friday, April 25, 2008

Study=Great Results=Scholarship

Is it too early to worry about this kind of stuff?? lol.
I am only in Form 4 yet i start to worry about scholarship. I saw a lot of seniors talking about JPA la, shell la, petronas la...Some applied but fail to get it, some went for interviews and some of course, THEY GOT IT. And most of those are those which unbelievably GREAT results and GREAT Charisma skills.

Form 4 this year are lucky enough to get the chance of choosing the subject we are interested in and drop those that we dont like.
Of course, I dropped EST. Aduh, English for Science and Technology is like total non sense. It's just a non sense which will only pull my average results down and nothing else. We can learn a lot of general knowledge through it but it still don't make any sense to me.

I dropped it. Then there left 11 subjects for me in SPM.
TEACHER NOW SAID, IF you want scholarship, you better get more subject.(that is to get super great result in spm)
Blah, i got General Science lor...since it is much more useful than EST.

And here's a funny conversation:

Me: Aiyo teacher, the more subjects we take, the higher the chance of scholarship bah.
A.T: But it is quite useless bah like this.
AFTER 10 minutes of arguing.
Me: TEACHER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The main purpose is, SCHO-LAR-SHIP. Get it? Scho-lar-ship.
A.T: ......whatever la......

Conclusion of the day:

From my point of view (now), to get a private scholarship is to

  1. Choose suitable subjects
  2. STUDY REALLY HARD since form 4
  3. Get GREAT Results
  4. Have great Charisma skills. (Absolutely Fluent in English)
  5. Have total confidence

Aim: To full fill those 5.

p/s: Marks on co curricular activities are only available in government scholarships.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does EXTRA makes you GREATER?

(Please exclude the issues on studies in this topic, totally.)

It's a no, to me.
That EXTRA doesn't proof you are going to be GREATER.
Yes, people says, practice makes perfect,
but unnecessary extras makes the whole thing worst.
Of course, this doesn't apply on your studies. Don't go tell your teachers, extra doesn't mean better! (i won't guarantee you will get the effect you wanted.)

What makes you "GREATER"??
SMART and EFFECTIVE practices of course.
Adequate timing, serious process and not wasting.

I often see the weirdest scenario that happens in our school but never in any where in Malaysia. Skipping classes for MONTHS? For co curricular activities??
No offence please,
but let me ask you a super duper VITAL question first:

What is your main purpose of going to school?
To learn of course.

Ok. now you said learn. Let's ask you the second question:

As a student, i mean STUD-ent, what are you responsible for?
STUDY. you can only call yourself a STUD-ent when you actually STUD-y.
Student should complete their normal study hours before joining the co curricular activities (a week before competition is excluded). Students should complete their homework, attend classes daily and take exams. A student should also join co curricular activities, to balance their growth physically, intellectually spiritually, emotionally. But students should put study as their priority.

I am not asking you to quit all your activities and just study study study whole day long in the class. MODERATE amount of co curricular activities is good, but just as i said earlier, THAT EXTRA DOESN'T MEAN GREATER.

Signs of the "EXTRAS":
  1. You have not been attending normal classes for months.
  2. The ratio of your normal lessons time to your co curricular activities time is 1:10.
  3. You forgot your classmates' names.
  4. When you got back to your class, you don't know what the hell the teacher is talking about.
  5. You are staying at school everyday till 6pm and go to school on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.
  6. You are totally exhausted.
  7. You don't take exams.
  8. You are initially a genius, but just don't know how, you manage to get an E for all most of the subjects.
  9. You don't talk to your mom or dad or family when you got home cause you are too tired.
  10. You are getting mad/or don't have the feeling of attending classes anymore. Instead, you feel that classes are not important, ACTIVITIES ARE! (you are so blinded by fame and glory)

Hmm..That's the top 10 signs you are having the UNNECESSARY EXTRAS. If you full fill more than 5 of the signs, please, take some time and reflect,

Does that EXTRA makes you GREATER?

Tell me about your view. :)

Feeling low...

Feeling really low.
I have the feeling like time is passing too slow.
I am not bored. I have a lot of things on my hand and the exam is coming soon.
Still, time is passing so slowly.
How i wish SPM is here tomorrow.
Then, there only one month left
Till i got the taste of freedom.
You might think i am crazy,
for time is passing ever so fast (that's what you think)
and i wanted to have SPM,
the fear of everyone,

help. i am wounded.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Why are the some of the clubs in my school so so weird...??

I thought last time they force us to fill a form to state which club we are joining and we can only join that club. Most of the clubs said it is strictly for members only...But since i am not their members, why are they still counting me in?! (and the most weirdest weird weird thing is, why am i still a committee member when i am not a member???? That makes me so guilty)

And, is my mark counted when i did something for the club i didnt register for?!


unsystematic administrative thingies...confusing the students and teachers nowadays...

It's going to be Mid-Year exam soon. I am so happy, why? because half of the year is gone! Yipee and there is 1.5 years left...drooling for SPM...

UTAMAKAN PELAJARAN. that's what makes you get PRIVATE sectors scholarships. (most local scholarships are on the studies too, instead of co-curricular activities)



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mei Ann Youth Sunday(2008)




They are not. And this is not Halloween party either.


This year's theme is Jian Xuan (which mean choosing)

This is my first year participating in happy.. in the church...
nice backdrop...they finished it last night. work until late night. kesian... her speech...haha
and Ke min...with her speech too...

We sang after that. The whole youth singing together!! SO HAPPY!!...we worked so hard for weeks and practice until 10pm last night. It's finally the moment, to praise the Lord, in public. Haha. I didnt get to take the photo since i am on stage too. Will try to take it tonight cause there is another round.

Next is, DRAMA!!!

Here's where the 2 weird weird witch comes from la...

And here comes the ghosty devil...

so scary..

Next is speech. Eh, i love this guy's speech. Great sense of humour. And
Singing again tonight! Yeah. Normally i dont like sing. But singing to praise the Lord certainly makes me happy. HEHE!!!

God Bless...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Piano and Violin Recital

I got this ticket a few days ago through my friend. then, i went to the GENG-est recital EVER!
By Isin and Michael.
There are a lot of ang moh there (caucasians). Dont know from where they pop out cause normally you dont see this many of ang moh running around in miri. I saw a lot of friends there too...For a music noob like me, this is sure going to be exciting.
Michael...the tall tall one and Isin, with his violin. Going to perform!!!
Isin playing his expressively...HAHA
I can't take Michael's photo cause he is hiding at the piano there....

They played about 12 songs like that lo. Every one of it was like SOS OS OSOS SO SOS S OS S COOOOOLLL!!! omg...especially michael a. His hands was shaking like mad when he is playing the super super fast Scherzo running notes...I cant stop staring at his hands.

Michael never look at the camera.

And another weird thing is, the people there can't seem to stop clapping...Everytime after they finished a song, the people starts to clap...for about 30 seconds?? that is so damn long. The most i clap is like 10 seconds. So funny.

the 2 hours recital finally ended. We tried to take photo with them but they are too busy signing autographs and chatting with the music pros. It is sure an akward scene if they ask, what do you play? And till what standard already?? Diploma? Degree??...

Then i will sure be like.....erm...ermm....PhD!!!!

And now, i see my standard. I AM GOING TO PIA MY PIANO NOW! omg....i am so noob.
part of us there..


It's our friendship which makes me move
and lend you a hand whenever you are in trouble.
I like it when you first gave me the cheese cake,
you said it was specially made.
And when you first ask me to help,
i was glad
i am the one you are searched when you need help.
I remember once,
you phoned me and i cried so hard in the other end.
Then you tried to comfort me
and said you will try your best to help.
But you suddenly changed,
you are blinded.
Doing everything,
for your own benefits.
Backstabbing others
for your own glory.
Letting envy and jealousy
filled your soul.
Putting up a false personality
Let the real you be masked
You said you are God's daughter,
but you let yourself being controlled by Satan.
It's time to wake up, my friend.
Or unless,
You hate me for calling you that.
I did everything for our friendship sake!
And you are not appreciating it.
You tossed me around
like a toy that has no value whatsoever.
I guess,
You don't need me anymore.
Thanks anyway,
Thanks for the sweet moments
when we just started to know each other
laughters are shared and games playedtogether
Thanks for telling me
you will give up anything for our friendship,
before you are blinded with fame and glory.
Thanks for the great time we had
shopping together
Thanks for being my friend which i trust,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quit attacking the school....

Blogging is good. Blogging is not evil.


You are dumb enough to make it evil.

Please, my friend, PURRR-LEEAASSEE...dont use blogging as a weapon to attack the school anymore. You can express you feelings as i said before, but dont overdo it. If you want to complain, use proper tone and style. Say it out politely instead of poking people straight into their heart (like pucheekk...blood rush out of the beating heart...aww...)

You can write to the principal through official letters too.

Just don't be stupid enough to attack the school. Don't spoilt the blogging industry's image!


This morning Donald the NUN...

NUN: You are so kiasu.
Me: Yes, i admit.
NUN: You should join the kiasu club.

Duh. Of course i am kiasu la. Dont remind me again and again. I KNOW I AM KIASU!
I havent meet someone who is not kiasu at all in all my life. He or she might pura-pura, KEKE, fake fake say,"No la, no la. I don't mind one. You win la. You win la. I won't mind." But i know somehow they will still think,"HMP! You sucks. I must win. You lose de la!" which is something all of us shouldn't care.

Evil mind. That's the devil who is talking. Ignore it.

So, in case i su (which is something i will avoid to the end of the earth), you try to laugh at me, i will condemn you. Don't blame me, I am kiasu (extreme stage in my studies)

p/s: NUN! You are kiasu too right?! STUDY LA!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tell me...

I have made a draft post regarding EST. It sounded quite angry. Dont know whether want to post or not. You want to read or not?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I need to recover fast.

IKEA Scissors

So in love with IKEA Sciccors.
sharp enough to snap. HEHEHEHE.
I bought a new shirt today! So happy.
cause it got this cool "FONG" (Phoenix) painting!! HAHA!!

It's good to start a day like this.

I am going to be smiling like crazy everyday if i have a breakfast like this everymorning when i wake up...
with muesli...fresh grapes...and lots of crunchy bits..
and i know it is good for my health too...


my second cereal love after cookie crisp.

Some of my favoutire flavours...

Oh-so-elegant breakfast with low prices everyday
...high class...

Saturday, April 12, 2008


DIY a box again today.
A box i made when i REJOIN the Girls' Brigade.
Fluffy fabric-covered round box. All made with reuseable items.

Original look.

Added with fluffy red ban myself.

No idea how to teach u guys. All the materials are provided by the teacher there bah.

Try to create one by yourself.

I am old...My leg....

Christine is definitely getting old. So old. Until MY KNEE GOT PROBLEM WHEN I AM 15 YEARS OLD ONLY !@#$%^!@#$%^!@#$%^!@#$%^& WHO IS GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!?
I cant jump
I cant run
Now i cant dance
i cant carry heavy things
!@#$%^& !@#$%^&@#$%^&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&

My knee...something is wrong inside there. Something with the bone.
I went to see the bone specialist today.
Doctor:injured knee or ever dislocate before?
Me: not at all.
Doctor: Any vigorous activities?
Meme: dancing and running around non-stop for 2 months...
Doctor: what dance?
Meme: Indian...
Doctor: OMG!
!@#$%^ You need to shake a lot right?!

And he gave me this.

Doctor: Eat it. 2 tablets everyday after meal and take some rest for a month and see the result.

Christine: *sigh*

Doctor: Normally i only give this type of medicine to the aunties. But i have no choice but to give it to you have to take it. Or else you will not be able to walk later.
Paid RM107. for that 5 minute....

Fine. Make me paralyse.

NO LA! Who cares it is the aunty medicine. I know i am old and i still been jumping and hoping around for months. I told my friend i am getting old, my knee hurts, i cant walk, can i not do this? Then she misunderstood me as being lazy. Puff..whatever. Donate me your leg if you want me to lose mine.

Haih. Cant run around for a month

Friday, April 11, 2008


This is the 7th post i posted today. HURAAY!!
Pay close attention to this.
The Nun. and Me.
Actually there is a VERY INTERESTING story about this nun. but he somehow blocked me from telling u guys. want to know the story? go ask the nun lo. HAHA


It passes by so quickly.
But i am happy with it.

Astagfirullah alamzim waha...

I am so influenced by my BM teacher so lately.
CIKGU AZMIRA, cikgu cantik. (Diksi diksi)

She kept saying this Astagfirullah alazim waisubahallah sagjabnflrabfsd......thingy everything she wants to say "omg".

I am starting to get hooked up by that habit too. Haha...instead of OMG..i am like ASTAGFIRULLAH alazim wahaisubalaninanilbaludsbfal....

Plus, bevee kept on saying YA ALLAH...

I am going to masuk islam soon.

Blogging Industry, Attacking the school.

mid year coming up in 31 days.
study now. study.

someone copied me in my blogging career. my post was printed out and stuck on the school's notice board last time because i was so !@#$% by everything. and just yesterday, someone copied me and did that too. Great, i've got a follower. but later his post was taken down because his contents are too vigorous and sensitive. about races things.

So, the school got a new enemy huh? (Other than currently existing samsengs and ah bengs in our school)

Blogging industry, attacking the school, sounds Fun..hehe.

Yes, i understand sometimes, blogging is a great channel to speak out, to express our feelings whenever we feel it is not very good to say it face to face.
But, hey, you out there, still be careful.
Although you are not really controlled by any government in the visual world, you still have to take care of what you said. When you are trying to express your angry feelings or unsatisfied about something, you can, but don't overdo it.
Try not to touch the following issues:
  1. races
  2. mocking other religiouns
  3. sensitive politic issues
  4. attacking people or an organisation personally with their names clearly written on your blog post.

Touching these issues could get you into big trouble, boy. I mean like specifying who did what and what race and which politic party. Be a smart blogger.

Princess room

I am going to beat xiaxue's princess room when my room is done. HAHA!
Ok. Now, let's venture into my suprisingly tidy (currently) princess room. LOL!!!
something i made myself. most of the materials from DAISO. will teach u guys later.
OMG. so white. hehe. everything has to be in white. white. white. the curtain is going to be put up soon. WHITE. Absolutely.
even cupboard is white. YEAH!!! ahahahaha...

Not much more in the room currently. havent really move my things into it yet.
Let's just go to the bathroom.

WHITE! except for the purple sink. and the orange floor. blah.
this is a very very very tiny bathroom. hehe. but i love it a lot.

with GEL MAGIC!!!

hehe. bought it from DAISO for $2 only. So cheap. I saw one in Miri RM6.50. Very ugly and expensive some more. See..stick on it liao the glass become so special. Haha!!!

more white things coming up soon. HAHA!