Friday, April 18, 2008


It's our friendship which makes me move
and lend you a hand whenever you are in trouble.
I like it when you first gave me the cheese cake,
you said it was specially made.
And when you first ask me to help,
i was glad
i am the one you are searched when you need help.
I remember once,
you phoned me and i cried so hard in the other end.
Then you tried to comfort me
and said you will try your best to help.
But you suddenly changed,
you are blinded.
Doing everything,
for your own benefits.
Backstabbing others
for your own glory.
Letting envy and jealousy
filled your soul.
Putting up a false personality
Let the real you be masked
You said you are God's daughter,
but you let yourself being controlled by Satan.
It's time to wake up, my friend.
Or unless,
You hate me for calling you that.
I did everything for our friendship sake!
And you are not appreciating it.
You tossed me around
like a toy that has no value whatsoever.
I guess,
You don't need me anymore.
Thanks anyway,
Thanks for the sweet moments
when we just started to know each other
laughters are shared and games playedtogether
Thanks for telling me
you will give up anything for our friendship,
before you are blinded with fame and glory.
Thanks for the great time we had
shopping together
Thanks for being my friend which i trust,

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