Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does EXTRA makes you GREATER?

(Please exclude the issues on studies in this topic, totally.)

It's a no, to me.
That EXTRA doesn't proof you are going to be GREATER.
Yes, people says, practice makes perfect,
but unnecessary extras makes the whole thing worst.
Of course, this doesn't apply on your studies. Don't go tell your teachers, extra doesn't mean better! (i won't guarantee you will get the effect you wanted.)

What makes you "GREATER"??
SMART and EFFECTIVE practices of course.
Adequate timing, serious process and not wasting.

I often see the weirdest scenario that happens in our school but never in any where in Malaysia. Skipping classes for MONTHS? For co curricular activities??
No offence please,
but let me ask you a super duper VITAL question first:

What is your main purpose of going to school?
To learn of course.

Ok. now you said learn. Let's ask you the second question:

As a student, i mean STUD-ent, what are you responsible for?
STUDY. you can only call yourself a STUD-ent when you actually STUD-y.
Student should complete their normal study hours before joining the co curricular activities (a week before competition is excluded). Students should complete their homework, attend classes daily and take exams. A student should also join co curricular activities, to balance their growth physically, intellectually spiritually, emotionally. But students should put study as their priority.

I am not asking you to quit all your activities and just study study study whole day long in the class. MODERATE amount of co curricular activities is good, but just as i said earlier, THAT EXTRA DOESN'T MEAN GREATER.

Signs of the "EXTRAS":
  1. You have not been attending normal classes for months.
  2. The ratio of your normal lessons time to your co curricular activities time is 1:10.
  3. You forgot your classmates' names.
  4. When you got back to your class, you don't know what the hell the teacher is talking about.
  5. You are staying at school everyday till 6pm and go to school on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.
  6. You are totally exhausted.
  7. You don't take exams.
  8. You are initially a genius, but just don't know how, you manage to get an E for all most of the subjects.
  9. You don't talk to your mom or dad or family when you got home cause you are too tired.
  10. You are getting mad/or don't have the feeling of attending classes anymore. Instead, you feel that classes are not important, ACTIVITIES ARE! (you are so blinded by fame and glory)

Hmm..That's the top 10 signs you are having the UNNECESSARY EXTRAS. If you full fill more than 5 of the signs, please, take some time and reflect,

Does that EXTRA makes you GREATER?

Tell me about your view. :)

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