Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogging Industry, Attacking the school.

mid year coming up in 31 days.
study now. study.

someone copied me in my blogging career. my post was printed out and stuck on the school's notice board last time because i was so !@#$% by everything. and just yesterday, someone copied me and did that too. Great, i've got a follower. but later his post was taken down because his contents are too vigorous and sensitive. about races things.

So, the school got a new enemy huh? (Other than currently existing samsengs and ah bengs in our school)

Blogging industry, attacking the school, sounds Fun..hehe.

Yes, i understand sometimes, blogging is a great channel to speak out, to express our feelings whenever we feel it is not very good to say it face to face.
But, hey, you out there, still be careful.
Although you are not really controlled by any government in the visual world, you still have to take care of what you said. When you are trying to express your angry feelings or unsatisfied about something, you can, but don't overdo it.
Try not to touch the following issues:
  1. races
  2. mocking other religiouns
  3. sensitive politic issues
  4. attacking people or an organisation personally with their names clearly written on your blog post.

Touching these issues could get you into big trouble, boy. I mean like specifying who did what and what race and which politic party. Be a smart blogger.

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