Friday, April 11, 2008

Princess room

I am going to beat xiaxue's princess room when my room is done. HAHA!
Ok. Now, let's venture into my suprisingly tidy (currently) princess room. LOL!!!
something i made myself. most of the materials from DAISO. will teach u guys later.
OMG. so white. hehe. everything has to be in white. white. white. the curtain is going to be put up soon. WHITE. Absolutely.
even cupboard is white. YEAH!!! ahahahaha...

Not much more in the room currently. havent really move my things into it yet.
Let's just go to the bathroom.

WHITE! except for the purple sink. and the orange floor. blah.
this is a very very very tiny bathroom. hehe. but i love it a lot.

with GEL MAGIC!!!

hehe. bought it from DAISO for $2 only. So cheap. I saw one in Miri RM6.50. Very ugly and expensive some more. See..stick on it liao the glass become so special. Haha!!!

more white things coming up soon. HAHA!


- BiN - said...

dont kidding lar...that one seem like basin..u tel me is your bathtub?...OMG...

hehek...ur purple basin bit looks like mine..but mine is bigger...and is blue grandma de is whole glass de..light green..from flor...mummy de is just like a green huge glass bowl..hahak...

sandy said...

copy cat =.= ur so called princess room is freaking ugly, some more compare to xia xue's =.=