Friday, April 11, 2008

Nearly-done housy...

Dear Aunt Joyce,
Here comes the post that you have been waiting for months.
After 7 months of ting ting dong dong, now left only 1 or 2 weeks until the house is finished.
Ever so hardworking workers. Everyday 7.30am till 8.oopm, 7 days a week

outside view

main door


living room sofa
family room, not done yet.
dining room. not done yet. the table isnt here yet...
dry and wet kitchen
brother's room.
You come to see for urself la. haha. Many part not clean yet.


- BiN - said... this a real home?...a real house??...OMG i thought is HOTEL lar..~!

OMG...dont ever try to find my room / house de pic on net.. =X


Anonymous said...

Yr brother's room is pink? o.O

Christine said...

brown and yellow. Just the bedsheet pink. but my mom say according to feng shui, that room is suitable for pink.

the previous colour is pink and white. HAHA