Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Now, I am defined as EMO.

I went to the Inter-school Public Speaking at SMK Agama today. It was great and Agan got 3rd!!! He represented our school for the first time and a 3rd for a beginner is really good.

And now, back to the topic. I AM DEFINED AS EMO!! OMG..never realised that.
This !@#$% little girl in the public speaking competition speak about "Emo, Emo Kids and Emonian". She defined EMO as expressing emotions excessively (Writing emo poems, wearing tight jeans, tight shirts, commiting suicide.....)

So now write poems also called emo la!?
Fine. I write emo poems sometimes. Cause when i feel like it, i will write.
but you cant call me an EMONIAN for just writing this type of poems.

Then shakespear would be like the

(Shall i compare thee to a summer day...blek...)

Fine. I cry when i feel like it...

I got even more reasons that I AM NOT an EMONIAN! N o offence, but emo people are quite nonsense.
Here's the proof i am NOT an Emonian:
#1 I dont wear tight jeans and tight shirts

super lose shirts and pants are my casual

#2 I dont cut myself. DUH!

i dont stab myself either

#3 I dont draw SUPER black thick eye liners and eye shadows. (i dont even use make up)

But people always thought i did. Maybe i was sleeping to late at night and waking up too early..panda eyes!

#4 I dont listen to emo music (hard cole +rock+something like that)

Listening to classicals and R&B only lo...

#5 I dont do drugs...

like smelling UHU glue is my favourite...

#6 I dont do shocking, weird expressions....

this is totally agressive

Ha! 6 over 2! I WIN! I am not an EMO!!!
(Can i join the debate team??)


PanCake said...

Sohai a u. Haha. Can u please don't be so cute? X)

Christine said...

cute meh?? lol!!!!

Bevee said...

Eh, i'll recommend you to Kimberly wtf. Drama, whoots whoots. xD

Christine said...


Bevee said...

*nodding non-stop wtf.