Friday, April 11, 2008

Obsessed with Cookie Crisp

I am so addicted to Cookie Crisp. omg...
it's RM9.60 for a large size one.
I mean like i can finish the whole LARGE size pack of it in a few hours all by myself. I dont even eat that much rice. hehe.
For those who dont know what cookie crisp is.. It is a breakfast cereal which is created by Nestle with a funny panther name CHIP on its cover.

It's cookie crisp boh! How could u resist it!?

and it looks this cute:

just like tiny version of chips more. hehe!
And by the meaning of addicted, i can munch on it every second...

watching tv
surfing the net, blogging, chatting, watch movie...
STUDYING! sejarah...!@#$

HEHE!!! i am finishing my third pack for the week now. omg...diabetes way, i am already lack of glucose recently. laugh until want to faint. need more sugar.

(Result of studying too much bio)



JoJosho said...

See Please Here

- BiN - said...

hmm...zzz...ur family so many money to let u eat so many "berakfast" for a day oo.. =.=""

i seldom eat breakfast de le... =(