Monday, April 28, 2008

A Perfectionist, An Extremist and Sensitivity

I GOT A NEW OLYMPUS waterproof and shockproof CAMERA!!! MUAHAHAHHA....
Showing you guys when i have time, i am just too confused now..


I admit, Sometimes, i am a bit too extremist,
or it is what you called
A Perfectionist.
Who doesnt allow anything to spoil my day.
I always say,
You better watch out if you make me angry.
Well, i told my friend,
I will not get angry,
I don't really get angry,
I dont show REALLY ANGRY,
Cause I only cry when i do get angry.
Again, i am going to say,
I dont care about all of that anymore,
Cause The "HYPOCRISY" odd to be only thing that happens.
I hate my sensitivity.
It is suppose to be a gift from God, that i can detect changes easily,
but it also allow me to see the dark side of people easily,
when no one else was aware of it.
Becareful when you are talking to me,
Instead of listening to your words,
I am looking straight into your heart.

1 comment:

LingDi said...

Is it 850 SW? Hehe.. We got one too and it's blue in colour. Just got it two weeks ago. :)