Friday, April 18, 2008

Piano and Violin Recital

I got this ticket a few days ago through my friend. then, i went to the GENG-est recital EVER!
By Isin and Michael.
There are a lot of ang moh there (caucasians). Dont know from where they pop out cause normally you dont see this many of ang moh running around in miri. I saw a lot of friends there too...For a music noob like me, this is sure going to be exciting.
Michael...the tall tall one and Isin, with his violin. Going to perform!!!
Isin playing his expressively...HAHA
I can't take Michael's photo cause he is hiding at the piano there....

They played about 12 songs like that lo. Every one of it was like SOS OS OSOS SO SOS S OS S COOOOOLLL!!! omg...especially michael a. His hands was shaking like mad when he is playing the super super fast Scherzo running notes...I cant stop staring at his hands.

Michael never look at the camera.

And another weird thing is, the people there can't seem to stop clapping...Everytime after they finished a song, the people starts to clap...for about 30 seconds?? that is so damn long. The most i clap is like 10 seconds. So funny.

the 2 hours recital finally ended. We tried to take photo with them but they are too busy signing autographs and chatting with the music pros. It is sure an akward scene if they ask, what do you play? And till what standard already?? Diploma? Degree??...

Then i will sure be like.....erm...ermm....PhD!!!!

And now, i see my standard. I AM GOING TO PIA MY PIANO NOW! omg....i am so noob.
part of us there..

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