Friday, April 25, 2008

Study=Great Results=Scholarship

Is it too early to worry about this kind of stuff?? lol.
I am only in Form 4 yet i start to worry about scholarship. I saw a lot of seniors talking about JPA la, shell la, petronas la...Some applied but fail to get it, some went for interviews and some of course, THEY GOT IT. And most of those are those which unbelievably GREAT results and GREAT Charisma skills.

Form 4 this year are lucky enough to get the chance of choosing the subject we are interested in and drop those that we dont like.
Of course, I dropped EST. Aduh, English for Science and Technology is like total non sense. It's just a non sense which will only pull my average results down and nothing else. We can learn a lot of general knowledge through it but it still don't make any sense to me.

I dropped it. Then there left 11 subjects for me in SPM.
TEACHER NOW SAID, IF you want scholarship, you better get more subject.(that is to get super great result in spm)
Blah, i got General Science lor...since it is much more useful than EST.

And here's a funny conversation:

Me: Aiyo teacher, the more subjects we take, the higher the chance of scholarship bah.
A.T: But it is quite useless bah like this.
AFTER 10 minutes of arguing.
Me: TEACHER STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The main purpose is, SCHO-LAR-SHIP. Get it? Scho-lar-ship.
A.T: ......whatever la......

Conclusion of the day:

From my point of view (now), to get a private scholarship is to

  1. Choose suitable subjects
  2. STUDY REALLY HARD since form 4
  3. Get GREAT Results
  4. Have great Charisma skills. (Absolutely Fluent in English)
  5. Have total confidence

Aim: To full fill those 5.

p/s: Marks on co curricular activities are only available in government scholarships.


Anonymous said...

Why do you worry so much about scholarship!! LOL. What you need to think about is just to aim for what u wanna study, dont go aim...nonsense because you wanna get scholarship only!!! Aim for something practical to study, nobody is gonna stop you from that if you aim for what u wanna study!! Scholarship or no scholarhip, as long as you get something you wanna study..there is lots of can be given by university also..think about that...=P..

LingDi said...

Actually, it's not really true that getting as many subjects as you can will get you a scholarship. And it implies the same to getting a good results too. SPM is very important but when it comes to applying for a scholarship, it doesn't really play the important role in it. But, to be honest, I think that SPM results are just one of the factors to get you shortlisted for the interviews but not really to getting the scholarship. There are students are there who have great results but didn't get offered scholarships.
During interviews, what they want to see is not only the results but your personality, attitude and perspectives towards issues and things. So, at that point, SPM results would not be playing the most important role there. That's my point of view.
But, of course.. Right now, you must focus on getting good results. Remember.. People still prefer quality over quantity sometimes. ! 11 subjects are just nice and taking up General Science is not a bad choice at all because you get to learn other things that you couldn't learn in the other Science subjects.
So, all the best! I know you ca do it! Have faith in God and God bless.. :)

Christine said...

Thanks lynthia...haha

Actually the reason i aim for scholarship is of course i want to get what i want to study for FREE. I know what i wanted to be next time and i know it would cause millions or even billions. And MONEY is sure an important issue on it...Sure, i will study really really hard for it to be what i want.

I am not sure about the number of subjects too. That's what the teacher told us la. She said, there's a higher chance of it. Haha. Not quite sure, but i think through General Science, i can learn faster cause some of the things are only taught in Form 5. And bible study? Duh, it wasnt for the As thingy! That's my interest and to learn more about God. Haha.

JoJosho said...

See Please Here

LingDi said...

:) No prob.. All the best! Usually, companies/government offer scholarships based on your co-curriculum too. Make sure you balance both well. They are usually looking for outstanding students who excel well in both areas (academic and co-curriculum). Btw, there are lots of other factors that affects you to get a scholarship.
I understand the course you are choosing is going to take millions. Like what ppl say, it's a million ringgit course. But, remember.. It's worth it and you are going to make double/triple or even more the money you put in for this course. Of course, scholarship is always the best. :)