Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yes. I post very little.

I realise it from chee. A friend's friend from Kuching. Lol..Thanks for reminding me.
I dont like searching for reasons about why i post very little nowadays...(If you think this is little), but still being a kiasu kiasu person, i still want to find a reason for it.

Ok. No.1 I am nerd.
I guess that explains all. I am a very kiasu nerd and i said before in one of my post that i am the president of Kiasu Nerd Association. Studying for 24 hours a day shouldnt be a problem. But hey, i am a high-tech nerd here!! So, blogging is one of my business too. I love to blog but you cant do what you like everyday. Like if you love to eat ABALONE or SHARK FINN, you cant eat it everyday cause you dont have money(shut up if you have! i dont care). Or if you like to eat ICE CREAM, can try to eat everyday but careful for the diabetes...hahhaha...So, blogging is my business during my leisure time, since i dont have much leisure time, less blogging lo.............

No.2 It's not holiday
Come on, last time when you see i am blogging like 7 posts a day, that is when i have my holiday after PMR....I am form 4 now!!!! So so busy....Not much stuff to blog either. I cant just go online and tell you what i do everyday. That will so bloody hell boring...Imagine if i do this every single day: Today i wake up, i go to the toilet and pee 3 times and da bian 1 times, thank god i didnt lao sai today, i have ca kue tiao for my lunch and i go eat McD for my dinner, i finish studying sejarah textbook for 50 pages and i go to sleep at 10pm, byebye.... Fine, that's not true!

No.4 My blog is not EMO ORIENTATED blog
yuck. I hate emo people. I dont go and say, omg...i am so sad because of him/her, i am going to kill myself later. or OMG, HE/SHE smiled at me today!!!!!!!!!! *puke* no thanks, christine is not that kind of emonian. Even if i am, i am not going to abuse my blog this way. Making sure my blog remains its quality!

No.3 I sleep like pig.
Yes, i sleep for 10 hours a day now. Where's the time to blog?

FINE. i dont want to give myself reasons anymore. Oh ya, I HAVE BIG SATELITES...people are normally scared of being related to me cause i can get the latest GOSSIP anyhow...muahahahahahahahaha...busybody here.
Oh ya, what kind of posts you guys like ha?
Photos or words?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am mad-Physically and mentally...

!@#$@#$%!@#$%^!!!!! A 19 years old gamer became mayor of one of the town in US! NOT FAIR! I AM A BETTER GAMER, OK?! urgh...
Ahh...what a pretty sight....














I am so mad. As in half crazy and totally angry....

Sibeh sibeh sibeh angry de lo.............

Ever feel like being toss around by people!!??
First, they act like "you are very good nice o..."
You thought they really appreciate you. Then when you actually did something great for them, they are still like "You becareful a, later i fired you" or something like that.
As if that's isnt enough! I am stupid enough to get cheated for many times.
So angry.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I met Angkasawan Negara!!!

Hahaha...I really do. I am not joking for real.

HE CAME TO MIRI!!! Our very own astronaut/space passenger. Dr.Syeikh Muszapha Shukor.
He came to give us this Motivation Program. Not being racist, but there is a lot of Malay there and only a little tiny bit of chinese, ahha, obviously, he is the HERO of the anak melayu. haha!!!
He told us about everything he has experienced, from joining the competition, training, going up, in the ISS and coming back. It was very interesting indeed. With all the funny photos he had taken. He even showed us the funny potty where it suck your sh*t/faeces and your pees into the tank..hahahaha!!!!

He played gasing up there, eat space food, do experiments blah blah blah. it looks very fun. Too bad he didnt do Teh Tarik (as i said before, click here). I was so excited about the teh tarik said doing experiments about cancer cells up there are better because the cells will not be affected by gravity. Good eh?

The other 2 astronauts he went up with are real astronauts which went up there to live for 6 months. The caption of the rocket is a WOMAN!!! How interesting. A woman beaten 2 big tall grown man. ahahahahahah. For the rocket he came back with, i think the captain is also a woman if i am not mistaken. GIRLS ROCK!!!!
After the talk, there is a signature session. It was rather scary..even more scary than the market which people "snatch" vegetables, eggs around... I bought his book for RM20 because THERE ARE A LOT OF PHOTOS IN IT!

nah.............hahahahahahaha. Maggapau Bintang. No idea what it means cause i thought it is mencapai bintang...hahaha!!!!
His signature. He is a plastic surgeon, a part-time model, a kopitiam tauke and an astronaut. Not bad eh??

4 Free Big Mac!!!

Remember the Big Mac Chant competition for the past few weeks?? I got 5 free coupons for it and gave on to my happy!!!
The condition is, try reading the bigmac chant in 4 secs and win urself a BigMac!!!!
So, i tried. My siblings and i even practised a few times at home before going to McD again.
Try it...I can do it within 3 secs!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
And i went to McD yesterday!!! I WANT MY BIGMAC I SHOUTED TO THe CASHIER!!!! ahahahaha..and i got 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 free BigMac. Save up lots of $$!!!
chom chom chom
two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.
Oh ya, tomorrow is the LAST DAY!! Faster go to McD now!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog Show by EaglePack

I went to the Dog Show at Bulatan Park today!! So excited since i am so interested at dogs even after my zhuzhu went missing in action.
Scooby!!! most voted online photogenic dog..(solarized effect)
baby cute with their clothes and necklace
st pete's burgh
Obedient Dog Competition. Most of it are German SHepherds
Forgot the so cute its tounge

puppy. looks like a doll.
doggies in love silky golden retriever
a rott weiler puppy
dont know the name. a type of sports dog

It was very nice. With lots more kinds of dog. I was there for 15 minutes only. :D Hope my boyboy and toto can join this competition next time. lol. Seems quite impossible for that 2 dumb dumb and crazy dog..

Christine-made pizza

I am making pizza!! happy!!!!I make myself without my mom's help o!! she just take pictures...
1. Pizza bread (can be bought in supermarkets/ Ng siang hup)
2. Pregio sauce
3. Hot dog(blackpepper)
/minced meat
4. mozarella cheese
5. butter mushroom
6. onion
7. and a sprinkle of BASIL

1. Cut all the ingredients.

2. SPread the Pregio sauce onto the pizza bread.

3. put the ingredients onto the pizza. Hotdog, buttermushroom, cheese slice

4. Sprinkle some basil ontop

5. put into the oven. 220'C for 10-12 minutes. Taddaaaa!!!!!!
Crunchy crust with cheese...
a meal i prepared all by myself. mushroom soup, pizza and mash potato!!!

p/s:taste lots of better than pizza hut and hell lots more faster than their snail service...hahaha!!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MarinaBay 1x5

Pretty right?
I dont have to go whatsoever pretty island for relaxation now. Although it wasnt much of fun and excitement, it is the best spot you can take pictures in Miri.
Marina Bay of Miri is now open!!!!! SO NICE!!!

Great sunset. Romantic Couple. (not me!)

nice nice nice nice nice nicenice le the background.

If you are about something else, he is my cousin. thank you.

this is Ulumulu restaurant. Its theme is something like tradisional Bali. It looks really grant and nice...

Woohoo..soooo pretty and luxury looking...
let's go check out the aquarium..

erm...apa nama tu...

Enough goofing around the aquarium.Let's go to the main part of the restaurant...

the entrance is already this great you see
most of its walls are carved like this. No wonder it took so much time to complete this huge building. The carvings are so delicate and so complicated.
lol...on the second floor corridoor......
the roof is tradisional atap
Oh. now let me explain why my blog title today is so weird. What is 1x5 huh?? That's the price. I looked at the menu. The prices are 5 times more expensive than normal food price. like this glass of sprite. It cost RM5. :D!!!!

fishy on the dish now...
I got so bored after the meal..snap my cup of chinese
ground floor...
my magic. nothing supporting the cup. it can stand like that on its own. NICE LE!!!! MAGIC!!!!!
(Warning: do not try this at home)

After that, i have a peek at the kitchen. The chefs looked very professional indeed and of course, too busy to pose for the photo...LOL!!!
This is a nice place to take photo, but for having a normal dinner?
ehem...need to consider...