Thursday, May 22, 2008

1 more day!

1 more day to holiday!
1 more day till MY exam ends! (Shut up for those who finish today!)
Still got science tomorrow. It should be ok.
WAIT 1 more day and you will have half of the month of MANY MANY things to see HERE!!!
now...let's get back to work:
cerebrum, cerebellum, cerebral hemisphere, phenotype, genotype, homologous, continuous variation, albinism, Down's syndrome, sensory, relay and motor neurons, axons, dendrons, dendrite, synapse, meiosis, mitosis, nuclear division, stimulant, depressant, mood changer, pain killer, chromosomes, XX, XY, Mendel's experiment, dominant traits, Siamese twin,recessive traits, reflex action, spinal cord, brain, peripheral, central, spinal, cranial, autonomic, myelin sheath, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, IDIOTIC DWARF, thyroxine, testosterone, progesterone, oestrogen, target organ, proprioceptors, kinaesthetic sense,poppy fruit, opium, cocoa tree, haemophillia, ADRENALIN, GANJA, MORPHINE, L.S.D, MARIJUANA, gonna need these..haha!!!

I have learned that Morphine is a depressant that can calm people down.

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